Blog Webflow CMS Template

in multiple designs & interactions

Modern layouts and interactive design

Choose from 30+ pre-built stunning web pages


Designed by the Senior Art Director

Developed by the Webflow Professional Partner

Nextmag - Blog and magazine Webflow CMS template
Nextmag - Blog and magazine Webflow CMS template

About the template

Create a trendy blog and content website without knowing a line of code using Nextmag's ready-made pages30+ and pre-built sections40+

Multiple listing designs

A lot of options from listing designs for topics, articles, authors, audiences, e.t.c.

30+ web pages

Unique ready-made static and CMS Collection pages include CMS connections.

40+ sections

Pre-built different UI layouts and sections for content and listings.

Symbols with instances

More than 30 symbols are ready to use with override setup instances.

Unique interactions

Uniquely developed interactions & animations only for the Nextmag template.

CMS ready to use

CMS collections and pages are set up and connected. You can only just copy/paste/delete content.

Responsive design

The perfect layout on the large, medium, small desktop, and mobile devices using VW, em, and rem units.

Fullscreen & aside menu

Interactive fullscreen and aside menu in all responsive breakpoints.

Customized components

Customized design for tabs, forms, carousel, accordions, and slider.

Multiple art directions

Designed by the Senior Art Director.

Well developed

Developed by the Webflow Professional Partner.

Exclusively for the Webflow

Available only in the Webflow marketplace.