Welcome to Gokhshtein – we're not your average media hub. We immerse ourselves in the fast-paced worlds of news, cryptocurrency, Web3, and NFTs. But here's the twist: we operate on a decentralized foundation. This means every voice gets heard; we embrace openness without filters or censorship. Whether it's getting the inside scoop at crypto conferences or sharing insights from speakers at the United Nations, we're there, bringing you closer to the action. We also roll out the red carpet for brands and creators, offering everything from advertising and marketing to press releases and engaging video content.

Our essence? Expect the unexpected. We're sometimes edgy, occasionally stirring up controversy, always with a blend of seriousness and professionalism. Yet, we don't shy away from humor, insights, or educational content. Our storytelling comes alive through articles, podcasts, videos, and social media posts.

But here's the heart of it: we're not just trying to outshine other media companies. We're here to connect with you through stories that stir emotions and experiences that linger. At Gokhshtein, it's all about delivering moments that matter, enlighten, and sometimes, simply entertain. We're dedicated to offering our audience something far more valuable: experiences that resonate, educate, and entertain.

Embracing community

Our platform resonates with the spirit of “Community,” embodying the quintessential forum for the tech and finance sector's pivotal discussions. We shine a spotlight on significant breakthroughs, encourage healthy debates, and navigate the crucial conversations that shape our world.

In an era where Twitter is emerging as the foremost platform for creators, brands, and news outlets - significantly bolstered by influences like Elon Musk - G-Media holds a distinct advantage. We boast a pre-established, thriving community, ready and primed before the inevitable surge of new audiences. This foresight makes us an unmatched ally for companies seeking a smooth transition into the vibrant Twitter sphere, connecting with audiences old and new.

Our team

Here at Gokhshtein you'll find a diverse ensemble of media personalities, each bringing their unique blend of humor, wit, and an endless stream of sarcasm. Yet, it's their profound capacity for love, understanding, and empathy that truly defines them.

Together, they craft stories that echo within our community and resonate deeply with our audience.

Meet the Gokhshtein Team!