Media Personality

Akil, renowned for hosting the engaging "Sunday Funday Podcast," is a pivotal figure in our network, known for his regular appearances on our Twitter live streams. His expertise spans a broad spectrum, encompassing politics, web3, business, economics, as well as sports and lifestyle topics. His ability to intertwine these diverse fields into compelling discussions makes him a unique and respected voice.

Akil's contributions go beyond just guest appearances; he offers dedicated YouTube live streaming services, where he captivates his audience with insightful content. His podcasting style is particularly noteworthy, often adopting an interview format that not only streams on YouTube but also reaches audiences across various live streaming platforms. This format allows for dynamic and interactive discussions, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the topics at hand.

His adeptness at covering a wide range of subjects, from the complexities of web3 and economics to the more relaxed realms of sports and lifestyle, ensures that his content is not only informative but also relatable to a broad audience. Akil's multifaceted approach to content creation and his ability to engage viewers and listeners alike make him an invaluable asset to our network and its diverse audience.

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