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It is everyone’s responsibility to learn themselves and take the initiative to understand technologies they would like to use while managing their own finances.

Yet, we are here to help you and our whole community to accomplish this! Gokhshtein Media is making learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies simple.

All of the following information is provided so that you can make your own decisions and be empowered by your choices. From our management to our content creators, we have always held a few principles close to the chest related to the blockchain industry and we want to share these with you as follows:

  1. Basic information is free and available to all people.

  2. Our content is simple and to the point.

  3. Our community is a very important part of support to our readers.

  4. We will not shill or push brands or content.

  5. Advertisers and paid articles are clearly identified.

  6. Any paid educational content is designed for advanced users only.

Disclaimer: All of the information from Gokhshtein Media including “Learn Crypto”, is not to be used for financial, investment, tax, or legal advice. You alone are responsible for determining if an investment, asset, strategy, technology, product, or service is appropriate or suitable for you based on your investment objectives and personal financial situation. Nothing in this content should be considered as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation to obtain any asset in any manner. Please consult an attorney, certified professional accountant, tax professional, or financial planner for advice on your financial needs.

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If you are new to blockchain, we recommend that you start with downloading the following “Learn Crypto Guide” below to learn the basics about how cryptocurrencies work and how blockchain technology is changing the world.