Crypto Deb

Media Personality

Crypto Deb, an influential creator and co-host of the engaging "Degen Divas," is a prominent figure in the web3 community, renowned for her deep dives into the evolving world of web3. She is a prolific content creator, making her presence felt across multiple platforms including YouTube, where she hosts insightful live streaming podcasts, and on TikTok and Twitter, where she illuminates the complex world of cryptocurrency for beginners. Deb's content is not just limited to crypto education; she also discusses crucial aspects like safety, product knowledge, and intertwines elements of health and wellness into her discussions.

Her range of services is comprehensive and tailored to the needs of the web3 community. This includes engaging live streaming sessions, creating relatable and humorous meme content, conducting interactive Twitter Spaces, and crafting promotional posts that resonate with her audience. Additionally, Deb organizes and participates in various events, providing a platform for community interaction and learning. Her Twitter threads are particularly noteworthy, breaking down complex crypto topics into accessible and informative bites, making them ideal for those new to the crypto world. Crypto Deb's unique blend of educational content, community engagement, and wellness focus makes her an indispensable voice in the world of web3.

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