Big Sase

Media Personality

Julio, affectionately known as "Big Sase," is the quintessential 'vibes guy' of our network. His presence is like a burst of sunshine, instantly uplifting the mood wherever he goes. Julio plays a vital role as the dedicated weatherman on David Gokhshtein's daily show, "The Breakdown," where his charismatic personality adds a unique flair to the program.

Beyond his weatherman duties, Julio is actively involved in running Twitter Spaces, providing an engaging platform for discussions and community interactions. His ability to engage and energize people is not just limited to "The Breakdown"; he frequently appears as a guest on several of our network's shows, where his vibrant energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

As our community hype man, Julio's role is crucial in building and maintaining the spirited and dynamic atmosphere of our community. His natural charisma and genuine warmth make him an invaluable asset to our network, ensuring that every interaction is not just informative but also thoroughly enjoyable. Julio's unique blend of charm, energy, and community engagement skills make him a standout figure in our network, embodying the spirit of positivity and camaraderie.

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