xSPECTAR: Flying into 2023

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In 2022, metaverse and NFT projects grew like never before. xSPECTAR had an excellent finish to 2022, selling out their NFT collection, and is progressing quickly in 2023.

The launch of the community hall is something very special to xSPECTAR. This metaverse space encourages the involvement of other NFT artists that will feature their art in the metaverse art gallery and participate on many different levels. This art gallery in the xSPECTARverse is an experience that features the technology and culture behind xSPECTAR. Watch for more artists shared and featured in this space.

Future development of XS Community Hall and XS Tower will include a multi-user interface and other ways to socialize within the xSPECTARVERSE.

You can download and experience xSPECTAR Community Hall right now!


With this link (above) you can also apply to have your NFT project included in XS Community Hall! It's a great way to connect communities and share what everyone is building in web3. In the following pictures, you can see the design concepts that are being worked on for XS Tower! The building and metaverse space will include an extensive space that covers a large footprint with stores, shopping

One of Twitter's new features is the illustrious Gold checkmark, which is now proudly featured by xSPECTAR. Many wonder how this supports brands on Twitter. The Gold Checkmark indicates that the profile is an official business account through Twitter Verification for Organizations. 

Have you seen Episode 3 of the xSPECTAR movie? Dirk Schepens and Smart Movie produced the episode, which was written by XRPP.

This episode shares another incredible flowing action scene, storytelling, and a look into the xSPECTARVERSE, including more characters. Don't miss this episode! 

Watch Episode 3 here:


The xSPECTAR Marketplace is now live! You can now trade or purchase xSPECTAR NFTs can be bought in XSPECTAR the native token and in ecosystem currency, which is an excellent feature for the community. As this marketplace expands, it will include other chains of NFTs and will move through testing and expansion in 2023.

To visit the marketplace, you can go to: www.xspectar.com/marketplace 

The official announcement was made on Twitter here:


Other technical progress this year includes xSPECTAR running an FTSO (Flare Time Series Oracle). This is Flare's native oracle data service which provides decentralized data, including cryptocurrency prices. xSPECTAR now has access to and can provide accurate estimations of off-chain time series data on the Flare network. Access to this data will be necessary for API calls on the network.

On January 20th, xSPECTAR announced their metaverse partnership with SparklesNFT, which operates as the largest NFT marketplace on the Flare network. This also connects with Defenders of the Metaspark NFT. [www.dorm.io] Read more about this and a medium article here: https://twitter.com/SparklesNFT/status/1616475071895289857?s=20&t=qSI-bq-adcEn8zMoZ0qlRA


What is being worked on right now with xSPECTAR?

Watch for a newly revamped website, land sales for XS Tower, which will be announced soon, and details about VC funding taking place.

One final announcement includes the onboarding of Daniel Sharma-Cansdale as an advisor to the project, currently the senior director of strategy at Vayner Media.

Join the community and keep up to date with everything happening with xSPECTAR and web3! Twitter Spaces events are held every Monday at 12 pm EST. Visit the XS Twitter profile for spaces links on the xSPECTAR social profile:


Visit www.xspectar.com for more information!

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