xSPECTAR: Agents of Change for a New Metaverse

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"The market needs a Metaverse that provides a socially-immersive user experience built on cutting-edge technology and powered by an NFT virtual economy to unlock the revolutionary potential of digital assets."

- Dirk Schepens, CEO and Founder of xSPECTAR


xSPECTAR is a fast-growing startup on track to becoming the most realistic and immersive Metaverse experience.  The xSPECTAR metaverse or “xSPECTARverse” utilizes blockchain and immersive game technology to create a high-end user experience within social and business environments. 

Community members, known as xSPECTAR Agents, can express their unique identity with the Avatar generator and relish in the wonders of their Metaverse by engaging in social interaction, conducting business, and discovering new ideas within a world-leading Metaverse. 

The network is available to the community through xSPECTAR tokens and NFTs.  The NFTs give agents special access to various events, digital real estate, unique privileges, and opportunities to set up businesses within the Metaverse.  The tokens allow agents and players to purchase virtual items such as art, land plots, accessories, and apparel.

The grand vision at xSPECTAR is to facilitate social immersion, to bring people together in an innovative new digital world where the barriers that can separate human beings are overcome.


A Look Under the Hood

To be a pioneering leader dominating the web3 space requires the integration of state-of-the-art technology.  The better the technology, the greater the opportunity to enhance the users’ experiences, whether it be ease and speed of use, titillating the senses, or blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds.  xSPEACTAR accomplishes this and more.

The xSPECTAR ecosystem is being built on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), an open-source, public, decentralized Layer 1 blockchain, offering low transaction fees, ultra-fast transactions, and high scalability while being carbon-neutral

The xSPECTAR Metaverse is being developed using Unreal Engine, the world’s most powerful and advanced real-time 3D creation tool that combines ultra-realistic immersive graphics with a personalized user experience. 

Web3 technologies, such as NFTs and blockchain payment solutions, can be integrated with this cutting-edge technology, along with fiat payments.  By adding blockchain functionality to the gaming and user experience of Unreal Engine, xSPECTAR is building a virtual economy that’s unprecedented in sophistication – a unique marketplace where xSPECTAR Agents can trade virtual goods with members, as well as buy from leading brands around the world.

On November 4, xSPECTAR announced its official merger with fellow XRPL project Combat Kanga.  This powerhouse merge will complement and enhance both projects, as they combine networking opportunities, technical strengths, an NFT marketplace, cross-chain capabilities, software developments, and ways to expand retail Web3 usership.  This powerhouse duo has its sights on dominating the XRPL blockchain network and becoming a formidable presence in the world of Web3, gaming, development, and entertainment.


At the Helm

According to the CEO of xSPECTAR, Dirk Schepens:

“The Metaverse is evolving to create an intersection between technology and social change, where businesses are building their digital use-case models to satisfy the changing scope of future consumption.  The digitization of business and consumption is expected to increase the time spent online by users across a vast set of real-life services and experiences.  

At xSPECTAR, our vision was designed to create a Web3 project introducing a new class of business opportunity and self-expression to bridge the gap of reality by using Unreal Engine 5 to fuel our Metaverse.”

The visionary CEO Dirk Schepens has experience and knowledge to back up his claims, having devoted his time and resources to investing in many XRPL projects and supporting the XRPL community and multi-chain projects.  Mr. Schepens also has multiple years of experience in business and real-world real estate.

According to Mr. Schepens, xSPECTAR will continue to expand and provide opportunities for metaverse use cases, spanning across social, educational, business, gaming, and its own Marketplace.


xSPECTAR NFT Ecosystem

xSPECTAR Genesis NFT collection

NFTs from the genesis collection were designed by a digital artist specializing in hyper-realistic human renderings. The collection consists of 8,888 unique avatars, 50% female and 50% male.


NFT utility

The holders of an xSPECTAR NFT from the genesis collection will gain access to several enhancements and advantages within the Metaverse ecosystem. Some of these advantages include:


Access to dedicated xSPECTAR worlds and buildings in the Metaverse

Reserved for the NFT holders, unique worlds, or plots of land, will be places where holders can come together to interact, obtain access to exclusive content, vote on xSPECTAR proposals, or do business – with endless possibilities to expand on these exclusive plots of land.


First access to new functionalities and offerings

The Genesis NFT holder will always have exclusive first access to new functionalities in the Metaverse, such as the introduction of a new part of the Metaverse or the launch of a new play-to-earn game.  Whenever xSPECTAR initiates a new offering for a digital asset, including a land sale, NFT holders will have the right to acquire it before non-NFT holders.


VIP Access to IRL events

xSPECTAR plans to host at least two worldwide IRL events.  xSPECTAR NFT holders will get VIP access to these events.  The IRL event #3 will be held in London on 19 November 2022.  Due to an overwhelming response, the reservation capacity for this event is full.


Play and Earn functionality

Owning an NFT will give agents access to play-to-earn functionalities for games in this Metaverse.  The games will be playable for everyone but holding an NFT will unlock the reward functionalities.  A tier system will determine the rewards that can be earned.  The more NFTs and tokens agents have in their wallets, the higher the rewards.


Pre-Minting NFTs

On 24 October 2022, xSPECTAR’s pre-minting went live, and just two days later, over 50 percent of the pre-mint was sold.  Within ten days, 87% had been sold, and, at the time of writing, 95% of pre-minting has been sold, with only 320 remaining.  This enthusiasm for xSPECTAR NFTs was shared by David Schwartz (Ripple CTO), who pre-minted his very own agent (Agent #21). 

To enable pre-minting, xSPECTAR Agents lock 8,888 $XSPECTAR tokens and receive a voucher for those tokens.  When agents use the pre-mint option, their 8,888 xSPECTAR tokens are locked until the NFTs are officially minted. 

After pre-minting, agents are able to see, on the xSPECTAR website under their account profile, what digital assets they will receive before the minting date and use the digital asset as profile pictures or share them on social media.  

Agents can pre-mint as many NFTs as they want.  For each pre-minted asset, agents receive, for free, two vouchers for plots of xSPECTAR “XS” Land.  

Once the official mint has begun, the NFTs and tokens will be sent to the agent’s wallet.  xSPECTAR Agents can buy and sell their NFTs on the integrated marketplace once minting begins and the marketplace goes live.  Visit Pre-Mint for more information.



To check out xSPECTAR’s key milestones and future vision, peruse their Roadmap section in the updated xSPECTAR whitepaper.



To follow their development, be a part of the discussion, or become an agent of change, visit the community on xSPECTAR website, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Medium, Telegram, and Linktree.



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