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Launched in June of 2021, Travel Care has been diligently working to build out full-scale travel service offerings. In its full iteration, it will feature a fully functional travel website where people can book flights, hotels, cars, and entertainment.

In an interview with Faisal Imtiaz, CEO of Travel Care, he shared the company’s most notable milestones to date.

“Since our launch, we initiated a presale on DXSale that sold out in 3 minutes.  We have locked in the best deals on flights with over 600 airlines, 500,000 hotels, and car rentals.  We also launched travel experiences where you can book activities like Disneyland Paris with our $TRAVEL token and 5 other cryptocurrencies.  We are proud of our reach with over 12,000 holders and 19,000 followers on Twitter.”

In terms of new features and utilities being planned for 2022, Imtiaz had this to say: 

“Customers will be able to use $Travel and other cryptocurrencies to pay for reservations across all of our affiliate-provided services including all hotels, airlines, and over 100,000 activities. We'll also be rolling out our staking program where holders can use the $Travel cryptocurrency for staking the cashback rewards that they received from booking on our platform. Finally, we’ll be launching Travel Birds (a travel rewards program).”

Imtiaz says that Travel Care will also begin announcing commercial agreements with large companies in the tourism sector to obtain even more advantages for their holders. In the meantime, they are currently working on TravelSwap, powered by Pancakeswap, where holders will be able to swap crypto within the travel website.

Lastly, they are updating Travel Care’s brand’s appearance, including the logo and corporate image.

Given the importance of experience and culture as a fundamental indicator of Travel Care’s success, Imtiaz talked about the primary shared values, attitudes, and goals that are guiding the development of their platform and customer engagement. 

“Transparency is extremely important to us that’s why we have our LinkedIn profiles on our website.  It’s of great value to share with the public our 15 years of experience working in the tourism and event organization sector to gain the trust of our holders.  Plus, we have also earned the loyalty of the holders by taking care of them throughout their interactions with us, from the purchase, during their stay, and through until the end of their trip.”

Imtiaz believes that TRAVEL, as an acronym, helps to keep them laser-focused on their values. He explains: 

“T is for technology. So in our case, this refers to cutting-edge travel technology in today’s era including the leveraging of the blockchain and Web3.   

R is for Responsibility — Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy guides our actions. 

A is for Attentiveness. Here we take pride in the attention we give to every aspect of our service and every decision in the Travel Care organization.  We are attentive to our customers, investors, and team members, treating everyone with respect.  

V is for Vision – This reflects our long-term vision for enabling everyone to use cryptocurrency for travel. 

E is for Enjoy because travel (and the Travel Care experience) should be pleasurable. 

Finally, L is for Liberty.  Travel Care is all about having the freedom to travel worldwide with the liberty of using cryptocurrency, the people’s money.

Concluding, Imtiaz offered this long term vision of Travel Care: 

“We strive to be the most technologically advanced travel platform in the world, where we accept payment of cryptocurrencies in a peer-to-peer (P2P) way without intermediaries for all our services.  We will be on multiple networks/blockchains and on other exchanges to increase our visibility.  Marketing is an important component, and we plan to market outside of digital platforms to accomplish our goals.”

Check out the Travel Care portfolio listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Nomics, BscScan, pancakeswap, LiveCoinWatch, and HotBit.

For the latest news, visit Travel Care’s social platforms: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and GitHub.  Join community discussions on Telegram and Discord.  For more information, check out their website and white paper.




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