The Skyrocketing Pet Food Movement

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We love our pets. When it comes to those of us who live with a pet (or two), we tend to treat them like family. We spend time with them, hug them, tell them we love them when we leave for the day. And, as it turns out, we spend quite a bit of money on feeding them. 

What We Spend on Pet Food sent out a press release in September of 2021 with some fascinating facts about our pets and their food. 

For starters, six percent of us in the United States actually put more dollars toward their pet’s food than toward the food they feed themselves. And another 11 percent of pet owners in the country said they spend an equal dollar amount on their own food and their pet’s food. 

Also included in the news release were some further eye-opening numbers about our pets’ food from Wren Kitchens. Apparently, we pet owners tend to pay an average of $755 annually for the food we feed our beloved furbabies. But pet owners in Austin, Texas, tend to outspend us all at an average rate of $936 every year. 

Eating with Pets

Not only do we pet owners spend a significant amount of money on our pets’ food, some of us also dine with them. According to PetfoodIndustry’s release, nearly 40 percent of us let our pets sit right at our table while we eat. And that number isn’t equally split among men and women. Males are more willing to consider this idea than women, with 41 percent of males and 37 percent of females admitting this.

And do those pets at the table also eat our food? You bet they do! At least for 31 percent of people in the survey. Apparently, they are more than willing to toss their leftovers to Fido or Fluffy. 

Perhaps on the slightly disturbing side, 20 percent of survey respondents copped to allowing their pets to “clean” their dishes by licking them. Those who are a bit squeamish about this idea may not want to hear that 11 percent of people in the survey allow pets to share their plates while eating. 

Pet Food Delivery

We’ve all probably become a little more familiar with companies like DoorDash, which deliver food to our homes. In November of 2021, they announced that they would start offering pet food delivery services. Customers can also order other pet supplies in addition to food. It really highlights the important role pets play in our lives, with big-name companies recognizing this at last. 

Pet Food Safety Improves with Blockchain

Of course, we want to ensure any food we feed our pets is safe for them. A news release from August of 2021 announced that VeChain intends to boost the safety of pet food using blockchain technology. 

Part of that enhanced safety is an increased amount of transparency. Blockchain will help ensure that the ingredients from suppliers are as advertised. For example, blockchain will verify that a pet food ingredient that says it comes from America actually did originate in America. And blockchain will also verify that high-quality ingredients are used or that sustainable ingredients are used if that’s what the ingredient supplier claims. 

Plus, VeChain plans to make things more efficient when it comes to the supply chain. And if a recall must be made, blockchain would expedite this process. That’s good news for protecting pets but also gives a company’s reputation a boost as well. 

Our Beloved Pets

No matter where you stand on letting your pet eat with you or sharing your leftovers with them, you love your pet. And you likely have put some thought into what you will and won’t feed them. As blockchain technology develops, it could help pet lovers everywhere be assured that their pets’ food is safer. 


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