Staying On Track With Lifestyle and Crypto Resolutions

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As humans, we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create resolutions. Each New Year is a fresh sheet of blank paper to write on. 

Sometimes we start off strong, sticking to our resolutions as the month of January rolls on. But then something inevitably happens to derail us, things like family emergencies, stress at work, freezing cold winter days that make it feel impossible to get up at 5 am and head to the gym, and so on. 

So when February arrives, it’s understandable that many people have all but given up on those shiny new commitments to self. But there is hope, even if your plans to get in shape or eat healthier or improve some aspect of your life got derailed. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

The first step in getting back on track with your resolutions? Resist the urge to beat yourself up. Life happens, and we’re all human. What’s important is to simply try again. And please be kind to yourself. Think about what you’d say to a friend in your situation. You’d probably offer up a little encouragement and say “hey, it’s okay, you made a mistake but you can do this!” Treat yourself the same way. 

Why Did You Make the Resolution?

Next, remember why you chose that particular resolution in the first place. If you decided to quit smoking for better health but slipped and smoked a few cigarettes, you can still get back on the road to your wellness goals. The same goes for eating healthier or working out. Just remember that it’s possible to start again. Health is very precious, so these are all good goals to stick with. 

On the other hand, if your reason for picking your resolution wasn’t very strong, it can be really easy to give up. Maybe you’re trying to get toned for summer, but it just feels so very far away right now. You can try shifting your reasons for the goal, perhaps looking to get in shape for better health. But you might also realize the resolution you picked just doesn’t resonate with where you are in life right now. That’s okay too.

Make a Plan

If you do want to get back on track with your resolution, it will help you to make a plan. Let’s take a look at eating healthier as an example. Explore some ways to make choosing healthy foods a more natural impulse for you. Meal prep can work wonders here, since you won’t have to try to decide what’s for supper after a long day at work when you’re starving. That usually leads to fast food or junk food binges. 

Some people find that rewarding themselves is a great way to stick with their goals. That might mean a trip to the movies if you stick to your goals for the week. Or maybe you can buy that new book you’ve been eyeing. 

Cryptocurrency Resolutions

And if you don’t have any personal resolutions to keep track of, consider looking at Forbes’ list of New Year’s resolutions for cryptocurrency. The article explored five things that could help the U.S. “win the cryptocurrency race against China.”

First, they suggest that a new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair be confirmed. And preferably, someone who is more open to the idea of crypto in the first place. 

Second, perhaps we could cut back on regulations when it comes to the financial industry. Especially when it comes to crypto, which at the moment is overseen by four different government agencies. 

Congress should also work together to create a reasonable way to work with crypto. Yes, there should be some regulation and oversight--but let’s not overdo it. 

Forbes says let’s also pull back the lawsuit that was filed by a former SEC Chair against Ripple Labs. They have the third largest cryptocurrency, and the lawsuit basically says they’ve been “transacting with a security, not a currency.” It’s a bit excessive to sue them over this when other approaches could have been employed instead. 

And finally, China has been on top of crypto and digital assets, with an apparent intent to have control over the digital currency market. 

Keeping Track of Resolutions

Whether you have your own resolutions or you’re interested in Forbes’ crypto resolutions, there’s still plenty of time left in the year. And it will be interesting to see if those crypto resolutions come to fruition in 2022.  


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