SEC Claims Binance.US Faced Collateralization Concerns


September 18, 2023


Gabriel Negrín

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Recent revelations exposing serious worries about the cryptocurrency exchange's financial stability came from the SEC's continuing litigation against Binance.US. According to the SEC, as of a historical point in time, it was challenging, and occasionally impossible, to pull wallet balances in bulk. It is quite challenging to confirm that Binance was completely collateralized at precise times.

The SEC has asked Judge Zia Faruqui to order Binance to provide additional information in the case, and she is now considering this request.

Concerns have grown as a result of Binance.US's guarantee that only Americans will have access to user cash. The SEC has revealed that Ceffu, also known as Bifinity per its Terms of Use page and designated as a member of the Binance Group, may put the assets of Binance.US at risk.

Despite these complexities, the overarching concern lies in the newly unsealed portions of the SEC complaint, which highlight the challenges Binance.US faces in monitoring wallet balances and ensuring total collateralization at any given time. This could potentially pose severe threats to the platform's users' financial security. The platform and other stakeholders have to address these problems right away for the general health and legitimacy of the cryptocurrency sector since they highlight a fundamental problem in the management of digital assets.