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The internet is an excellent source for reading interesting stories. Reddit, the forum, is perfect for this. I’ve rounded up 5 of my favorite online cryptocurrency stories from Reddit users, in no particular order.

 “Bitcoin Set Us Free Financially.”

“My mom bought Bitcoin about 5 years ago as a plan to save for her pension. She had been stacking weekly for a while, but due to bills and she got sick and lost the job, she had to stop stacking. She never touched her stack until last week where she wrote to me for help selling some. She needed money for an operation and medicine due to her illness. She was heartbroken, she had to dig into her retirement funds, but she knew it was the only way she could pay for this life-saving operation. To our surprise, Bitcoin had gone up so much there was enough to pay for the bills, and as an added bonus, there were still more left than her initial investment. This has really been an eye-opening experience. Bitcoin has the possibility to set you financially free. It is all about how long you can hold it before you start using it. To end this little story, I will fill up my mom’s wallet, for Christmas, with the sats she sold to pay for the operation.”


“I Have a Programmer Friend…”

“I have a programmer friend who got paid 100 bitcoin for a job in 2011. He got a job and left his computer in storage at his mom’s house in India. He bopped around and worked and kind of forgot about it. In 2018-19, during the first big rise, he came home for the first time in seven years only to find that she threw his whole computer away because she needed space for her vacuum and cleaning supplies. To his credit, he thanks her, saying that if he had had the Bitcoin on him, he would’ve sold early and been kicking himself anyway, so he’s not blaming her for the millions.” 


“I Started Investing My Dad’s Money Into Crypto”

“First of all, My dad asked me to invest some of his money into crypto, as I know a bit about it, and I’m doing relatively well. He knows nothing about crypto but trusts me and acknowledges the volatility. I, in no way, persuaded him to invest in crypto. Having said that, here’s what happened. I downloaded a portfolio app on his phone so that he can track the crypto I bought and also, so he keeps up with what I’m doing with his money. Naturally, I keep plenty of funds in a stablecoin (in this case, usdt) so that I can buy potential dips. One afternoon I kept getting calls from him on my work phone (he never calls me on my work phone). Flustered, I picked up the phone during an important meeting, fearing something bad had happened.”

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“I Sold My Crypto To Pay For My Italian Citizenship.”

“Today is a big day for me. I just sold all of my cryptos to pay lawyers and paperwork to get my Italian citizenship. Last year I made two goals (my moons), first one was the prices of everything related to paperwork/lawyers, etc., and the second was the ticket and life in Italy for at least 3 months while I wait for the citizenship to get a job. Today I hit my first one. I was saving money, and last year I started saving it on crypto as well, and today was the day that I finally got enough to pay all the paperwork/lawyers fees/translations….”

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“Bitcoin Cured My Depression.”

“A few years ago, I was depressed, anxious, and borderline paranoid. A heavy interest in politics and economics combined with public education will do that to people these days. All through the public education machine, I wondered... Why are they doing things this way? I mean, it is the 21st century, and we live in the richest country in the world. You're telling me that the school ran out of paper? Seriously, you can’t budget enough for paper?

Politics I don’t even need to elaborate on. C-Span is as about as ridiculous as the comedy channel these days, but it is not funny because those people control our lives. Then along comes a Bitcoin. At first, like many of you, I didn’t give it the time of day. Then during my search for the causes of evil and the desire to find a form of money that isn’t under the influence of bureaucracy or politics, I stumble across Bitcoin again. I was really impressed and amazed and thought it was too good to be true. I spent weeks locked in my room, living off takeout and the mini-fridge, trying to find the catch-22. Once I surfaced again, I began to change...”


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