Psychedelic Water: It Does Exist (and I Tried It!)

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Who would have thought there’s a company out there making water infused with psychedelics? Learning about them certainly surprised and intrigued me. This is why, after reviewing a bit about the company, I accepted their offer of a few samples. Here’s what happened. 

Psychedelic Water

The company behind this water is none other than Psychedelic Water. (Isn’t it lovely when a company sells exactly what its name implies?) Before accepting the free samples, I of course researched the company. Their website claims that they’re the “first legal psychedelic brand of its kind.” The fact that this is a legal product is a bit astounding to me, or at least it was at first. 

They actually use an herbal supplement blend that includes kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extract. Apparently, kava root is the national drink in Fiji and is known to promote relaxation while damiana leaf extract is now promoted for stress relief. Green tea leaf extract of course is something we’ve all heard of that has various health benefits. 

Psychedelic Water’s site notes that their beverages are alcohol-free. They also claim the water will boost your mood and give you a “sense of euphoria.” As an added bonus, the company states that the water won’t give you a hangover. 

Trying the Water Samples

I was pretty excited for the samples to arrive if I’m being honest. The pack I received included three flavors: Oolong + Orange Blossom, Blackberry + Yuzu and Hibiscus + Lime. Each flavor was pleasantly bubbly and smelled a bit like tea. I enjoyed the taste of all three, with Hibiscus + Lime being a little tart so it was my least favorite. 

Beyond taste, I did notice a lightheaded, slightly buzzed feeling after taking a few sips. And I ended up cracking one of these cans open after having one of those days where I was feeling irritable and frustrated. After finishing one can, my frustration retreated a bit but it was still there.  

It’s worth noting that the company’s FAQ section advises not to drive after you’ve enjoyed their beverages. Plus, they don’t recommend mixing it with alcohol. They also note that you should probably stick to two or fewer cans per day. You may also want to read up on the herbs they use to be sure you won’t have any medication interactions or other potentially unpleasant issues.

Ultimately, the taste and bubbles were enjoyable to me. The lightheaded or slightly buzzed feeling was okay, but I’d recommend you try these for the first time at home when you don’t have anything planned, just in case it hits you harder than you expected. 

Psychedelics and Blockchain

After being made aware that there are legal psychedelics out there, I was intrigued enough to do a little more research. Another surprise? Psychedelics and blockchain share a few links to each other. 

For one thing, crypto kind of saved the day for a fundraiser focused on studying psychedelics and therapy for mental health. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) had tried to raise money to study certain psychedelics and their role in providing therapy for mental health concerns. 

They fell short of their fundraising goal, but an anonymous donor sent along with crypto through the Pineapple Fund. Essentially, this is a charitable giving fund that makes donations using cryptocurrencies. In addition to a five million dollar donation to the MAPS fundraiser, they’ve sent crypto donations to about 60 different organizations.

And as it turns out, the anonymous donor behind the donation to MAPS suffers from some mental health conditions himself. He goes by the name “Pine” and mentioned his struggles with bipolar disorder and how ketamine helped improve his quality of life. 

One more surprising link between blockchain and psychedelics? A conference. That’s right, the CryptoPsychedelic Summit brought people together from both of these fields for one conference. It definitely sounds like an intriguing collaboration!

An Unlikely, Beautiful Partnership

Psychedelics and blockchain may not look like they belong together at first. But clearly, some beautiful things can happen when enthusiasts of both worlds unite to do some good in the world. 


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