OpenSea Addresses Allegations Linking Ex-Staff to AnubisDAO Rug Pull


November 6, 2023


Gabriel Negrín

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Responding to claims on social media, NFT giant OpenSea denied speculations of an ex-employee's involvement in the infamous 2021 AnubisDAO rug pull. NFT Ethics, an anonymous account, demanded that OpenSea clarify charges linking Kevin Pawlak, ex-head of ventures at OpenSea, to the shady figure "0xSisyphus," suspected of fraudulent dealings.

NFT Ethics and Lookonchain accused Pawlak of being 0xSisyphus, stating he lied to investors about the AnubisDAO project before transferring funds to other wallets. According to NFT Ethics, Pawlak planned this move and laundered the proceeds through Pepe ($PEPE).

Unaware of Pawlak's shady practices, OpenSea highlighted his minimal role within the organization, confirming his resignation in June 2023. "We have no link to, or knowledge of, the projects in question as they preceded Pawlak's period at OpenSea," stated a company's representative.

AnubisDAO raised 13,556 Ether (worth $60M at the time) from investors in October 2021. Yet, the team transferred the funds to different wallets within 20 hours, leaving investors stranded. Blockchain detective ZachXBT claims that 0xSisyphus was the only team member who spoke to the Department of Homeland Security. While 0xSisyphus is not free of guilt, ZachXBT signals pseudonyms "Beerus" and "Ersan" as the authors of the scam.