Luna Inu: The Dark Side of the Moon Now Shines Bright

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“It’s a story about how a decentralized community on the decentralized Ethereum platform overcame incredible adversity, defeated all scammers, and restored faith in crypto.  Sometimes good prevails over greed, even in crypto.”

– Luna Inu Team

 Luna Inu is a decentralized, 100% community-based meme token project that has drawn people together, teaming up to bring justice, integrity, and prosperity back into the crypto fold. There are no individual egos or personal agendas driving the fate of their project. Instead, it’s the collective efforts of a community of individuals who work together to drive their project to greatness.

Born From the Ashes, Destined for Greatness

Every reference to a ‘great story’ applies to the Luna Inu project. That is, every great story has a great conflict to overcome. Every great story happens when someone decided not to give up. And every great story deserves a great ending.  For the Luna Inu project, this is nothing but the truth.

$LINU, the Luna Inu project, was originally created to address the failures and collapse of Terra Luna (UST) by creating a decentralized token the community could rally around – a rebellion against the financial irresponsibility of centralized figures, Do Kwon and his whale cronies.

$LINU was deployed by an anonymous developer who created an unruggable contract that experienced sizable gains, including growing from a microcap to 2000 holders, trending #1 on Dextools, and posting a $15 million marketcap in only a matter of days – unheard of for a grassroots community project.

Still, there was more adversity to overcome.

This anonymous developer then sold his tokens and mysteriously vanished. This sent the community into a frenzied panic and opened the doors to scammers and their self-serving agendas.

Then, rogue developers tried to convince community members to migrate to a V2 of the LINU token. Some community members fell into the trap set by these bad actors, which turned out to be a honeypot scam. Unfortunately, this left a lot of people in the community feeling disillusioned and disenfranchised

Flipping the Script

Yet, the decision to prevail and not give in to the corruption and inadequacies of those prior is where the Luna Inu project begins to shine bright.

Realizing the contract that the original anonymous developer left was completely safe – i.e., liquidity locked for 100 years, a renounced, unruggable contract, and 0% tax on buys/sells – the members of the community rallied around $LINU knowing that the community would own this token, and no single person could pull shenanigans jeopardizing the stability of the token. Almost overnight, the token rose exponentially in trading volume and marketcap.

A core member of Luna Inu shares his sentiments:

“Many of our friends and community members were devastated by the Terra Luna UST collapse and by the fiscal irresponsibility of its centralized figureheads such as Do Kwon. Luna Inu was born out of that financial crisis.

Our origin story is unique in that we had a mysterious founder developer who vanished early in the project. In that brief void of leadership, there was a power struggle between the decentralized community and centralized bad actors.

A big milestone, however, was when the community banded together, kicking out all centralized bad actors and establishing a decentralized leadership structure with core team members. Since then, our community has flourished.”

Cultural Movement

Luna Inu is out to regain what was lost – not just financially, but culturally within the crypto world.

A core member of Luna Inu emphatically expresses:

“Decentralization matters. We resist centralized corruption. We have created a community-based safe haven for victims of the Terra Luna (UST) collapse. Our aim is to grow our project big enough to flip Terra Luna, to show that decentralization works and can be a powerful force.  Because we believe that memes are one of the most powerful forms of communication (including a force for societal change), we use them to spread our message rapidly.”

Distinguishing Features

As mentioned, the LINU contract is renounced (no single owner), and there’s no potential for a rugpull. The liquidity is locked for 100 years, and the distribution of tokens among community holder wallets is relatively fair. No one can mint new tokens, and as the community implements burn mechanisms, the token can become deflationary in supply. Lastly, there is a zero percent tax on buys and sells.

A core member of Luna Inu further explains:

“We are one of the most decentralized projects on Ethereum. We share similarities with Shiba Inu, which was a phenomenon. Technically, LINU is a 1:1 clone of the SHIB token. However, Shiba Inu was not a social or cultural phenomenon

Luna Inu is a movement to change people's perception and trust in crypto, at a time when many people have lost trust after the mishaps of Terra Luna, 3AC, and Celsius. We overcame incredible adversity to revive this project and shift away from centralization. By joining the community and becoming a token holder, people are participating in the next decentralized revolution. The victims of the Terra Luna crash can have a voice through our project.”

With respect to the role of meme art and its creators, he adds:

“The LINU token itself is the center of an emerging ecosystem designed to reward meme creators, who do not often receive credit for the work they do in other projects. We also aim to merge the intangible digital currency world with the tangible world with LINU branded products using the meme art and design created by our community.”

Launching Their Mission to the Moon

The Luna Inu project boasts a core group of 14 community leaders from around the world who, along with a robust, resilient community, have aligned their efforts to achieve their initial mission – to not only flip Terra Luna, but also give opportunities to those affected by the collapse of Terra Luna – part of which involves expanding into South Korea where the Luna collapse hit the hardest.

While Luna Inu genuinely believes a billion-dollar entity is being reborn, Luna Inu, unlike the charlatans of the crypto world, promises nothing, but instead, they’d rather be laureled by what they accomplish.

Roadmap Successes

Make no mistake, Luna Inu is a force to be reckoned with, and their successes are most noteworthy. In a few short weeks, Luna Inu:

  • Succeeded in a grassroots community fundraising campaign to get listed on a centralized exchange

  • Created a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) platform to vote on project initiatives

  • Reached top-5 trending status numerous times on and

  • Was acknowledged on Twitter by the “hacktivist” group Anonymous for their efforts toward bringing Do Kwon to justice

  • Trended #1 on Stocktwits (ahead of companies such as Netflix) due to their adeptness in guerrilla-style marketing and focused "raids" on social media

  • Marketed their project with a large billboard in Times Square and continue to develop partnerships with blockchain media entities like Gokhshtein Media.

  • Was recognized by LunarCrush, which analyzes cryptocurrency social media activity, as an Elite Tier project in terms of user engagement and social media mentions in the meme coin space.

  • Was recognized by CoinGecko via a tweet as the #2 most trending project in Canada, ahead of #3 Ethereum

In the Works

Luna Inu has launched an online store with LINU branded products. They are in the planning phase to get listed on another major centralized exchange, and they will be offering staking of the LINU token and NFTs in the near future.  Additionally, Luna Inu continues to hold weekly meme contests, and their community of meme content creators is growing at an exponential pace.

Join The Community to Forge a New Path for Crypto

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