Ledger Wallet Launches Institutional Digital Trading Platform


June 30, 2023


Olumide Adesina

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Paris-based digital custody firm Ledger announced the launch of Ledger Enterprise Tradelink, a secure and regulatory-friendly trading system for institutional investors.

Ledger's new platform promises to reduce the third-party risk for users by enabling enterprise-level investors to build an interconnected, bespoke network of custodians and exchanges, according to a press release. purpose.

The firm also said it will enable real-time tracking of all participants' collateral balances and operational status for added security and transparency.

Last year, allegations that executives at Sam Bankman Freed's bankrupt FTX exchange misappropriated user funds without proper disclosure heightened distrust of centralized exchanges and custodians.

Ledger's new platform partners with 20 exchanges and custodians, including Crypto.com, Laser Digital, Huobi, and Uphold. “By opening up better trading options for companies, we are empowering asset managers, custodians, and exchanges to confidently navigate the changing environment while ensuring the safety and transparency of the entire ecosystem. ,” said Sebastien Badot, Vice President of Corporate Revenue at Ledger. in a press release.

Wall Street-backed non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange EDX Markets, which launched in the US last week, also focuses on asset safety and regulatory compliance.

Earlier this month, BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, formally submitted a spot application for its Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund. This event was one of the main factors behind the recent rise in institutional interest in  the crypto market