KittyKart’s Racing Toward AAA Status

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While most AAA games take years to build, the 9VRSE/Kitty Inu development team is flying through the roadmap for KittyKart, a play-and-earn first-person shooter with masterfully hand-drawn graphics tailored to the heroine’s journey of titular character Kitty, a cat dressed as a Shiba Inu.

Over the course of mere months, the team has launched the beta versions of single-player and multiplayer random-match modes, operable on both Windows and macOS. And demand for the test track is already booming–KittyKart enthusiasts are organizing livestreams, impromptu matches, and gaming guild tournaments to build driving skills, earn bragging rights, and simply have fun! 

Around the Bend 

Multiplayer random-match mode gave players a taste of the next feature en queue. As much fun as it is to beat a group of randomly assigned opponents, players are chomping at the bit for the release of community mode, allowing racers to create private rooms and battle it out with competitors of their choosing. Think you have what it takes to go head-to-head with the KittyKart elite? Better refine your drifting and shooting skills now, community mode is currently in the final stages of testing and is only days away from release. 

What’s Driving Development

Community mode was inspired by the same philosophy the 9VRSE/Kitty Inu team has always stood behind – more than anything else, gaming should be fun! This belief informs all aspects of their design process, from graphics and gameplay to creating opportunities for individuals and communities to interact. As shared by the team:

“Private rooms are a natural offshoot of this philosophy—gaming is always more fun with friends, and we’re very excited about offering players the ability to race and interact in small groups of their choosing.”

Calling All Fast-Lane Enthusiasts

Gamers both on and off the blockchain should keep a close eye on what the 9VRSE/Kitty Inu team is building. Developing a AAA-quality racing game from the ground up in record time is an incredibly ambitious goal, and they’ve crushed every milestone to date. They’re determined to become major players in the gaming space, with plans to incorporate interoperability among NFT communities, artificial intelligence, and more. 

For the latest updates on 9VRSE/Kitty Inu, be sure to follow their socials: Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, and their new 3D website.




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