KITTYDINGER - The Electric Life of Schrodinger


Launched on October 30, 2021, Schrodinger ($Kittydinger) is a community-driven cryptocurrency cat meme project named after Elon Musk’s cat “Schrodinger.”   

To all quantum mechanic enthusiasts (including Elon Musk), the Schrodinger name was inspired by the popular “Schrodinger’s Cat” – a thought experiment involving a cat which illustrates a paradox of quantum superposition, where simultaneous states of two possibilities exist, set within a random event that may or may not occur. 

While we could delve into the details of this thought experiment, suffice it to say, quantum information science is a forward-moving force, whether it be quantum cryptography or quantum computing.

But what’s more important are the values upon which the Schrodinger development project rests.  As the founders of Schrodinger explain:

“We are governed by two big Ds: Democratization and Decentralization.  We will excel in the market of cryptocurrency through multiple use cases, security, credibility, and transparency with a community-driven and community-focused approach. 

The development of Kitty Dinger will not be the success of any single individual but of the community as a whole.

The Kitty Dinger ecosystem will ward off scams and rugs in decentralized finance by adhering to strict measures to ensure the credibility of developers and prevent any security issues that may arise. We will provide our holders early access to safe and innovative projects with relatively high potential of success.”

And if the arts are more your lean, think Benedict Cumberbatch in “The Electric Life of Louis Wain.”  This comparison signals that both are committed to “speaking for the voiceless and fighting for the forgotten” – cats, that is.  Using cats, whether drawn or as crypto and utility, will bring great incentives and success to those involved.  

The Schrodinger founders believe that by creating a community-driven token that supports and is intrinsically linked to non-profits worldwide – particularly improving the wellbeing of stray and sheltered cats – they can play a role in making the world a better place.

In a word, Schrodinger is building an ecosystem of decentralized applications that will revolutionize the concept of cryptocurrency to benefit everyone involved, including furry feline charities around the world.


Schrodinger is built on strong fundamentals and cogent utilities that will sustain the ecosystem.

Multichain Wallet

The Kittup Wallet integrates multiple addresses across many different blockchains in an effort to provide safety, convenience, accessibility, and affordability for their token holders.  The first version of the Kittup wallet will support the following blockchains: ETH, BSC, BTC, Avax, Solana, Polygon, TRX, Cardano, and Kadena.  For features and a sneak peek of the wallet’s interface, check out their Medium post last week.

P2E Metaverse Game

Online video games have become prevalent in recent years, with MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) and P2E (Play 2 Earn) games rising to dominate market share.  The Schrodinger P2E metaverse game is inspired by a popular metaverse game movie (yet to be disclosed), and it’ll be a fun, relaxing, and lucrative way for the community to earn daily passive income.  The structure of the P2E metaverse game has been completed and its development has begun.  The game’s release is expected for January 2022.

9gag Partnership

Schrodinger has partnered with 9gag on their upcoming marketing campaigns across social media platforms and the website.  According to the Schrodinger team, 9gag is the #1 most followed entertainment brand on Instagram with 115% monthly follower growth and a total of about 136 million followers across socials.  For details of this partnership, check out their Medium post from November 2021.

Russ Davis’s Cryptocurrency Pick List

Schrodinger was featured on Russ Davis’s cryptocurrency picklist.  Russ Davis, the owner of In Russ We Trust Crypto, is well known for his influence on Shiba, Saitama, and Bezoge (all of which have hit 1 billion Market Capitalization), and Russ has been interviewed by Fox News to share his perspectives on the cryptocurrency craze and his experience in the industry.

Cat Charities

Cat memes are great, but what if they could bring about real change?  Schrodinger is supporting non-profit cat foundations with financial, strategic, and professional support to improve the wellbeing of stray and sheltered cats.  Kitty Dinger will provide healthcare through its network of veterinary professionals.  Their charity program will ultimately be expanded to the level of Kitty Dinger Cat Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, which will make a global impression on the crypto-donation landscape.

Plant-A-Seed Movement

Since its inception, Schrodinger has raised over $400,000 for its development and sustenance. This value, as programmed in the token's contract, will grow even larger as the trading volume surges.  Some of these funds have been used to support the Plant-A-Seed movement by Kimbal Musk's Big Green foundation, in collaboration with the Million Gardens Movement community of gardeners who want to inspire a happier and healthier world by educating and supporting millions of new gardeners to grow their own food.  The team has made it clear they intend to be a long-term donation partner of the Big Green foundation and are currently putting in the works to make it formal.

The Quick, Powerful, and Flexible Cat

This team is keeping its sights on emerging trends.  The Schrodinger founders note:

“There’s been a lot of buzz around the metaverse and big corporations are starting to recognize the vast opportunities in it.  Also, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have a growing rate of adoption in the industry and have proven profitable to traders, who can now construct their collectibles and exchange them for cryptocurrencies. These two major trends currently inform the Schrodinger team’s strategy.

With the registration of Schrodinger, we will greatly expand our exposure and reach.  With this, we will be able to form partnerships with other big-name corporations.  This will help with expanding $KittyDinger into the real world and make it a household name listed on top-tier centralized exchanges.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency industry is fast-growing, and we expect more trends to emerge in the future.  In consequence, the Schrodinger ecosystem is designed to be flexible and receptive to adapt and fit into new markets.” 

A Clear Commitment

The team’s commitment is clear:

“We will bring security, reliability, transparency, and honesty to a realm that sorely needs it. Here, the community will decide all the outstanding issues democratically, through a governance structure that rewards holders with voting rights.

Schrodinger has been given the green light in our TechRate Smart Contract Security Audit performed in November which revealed no security issues with our contract, and we are focused on the integrity of the project going forward. 

The true concept of decentralized finance will be practiced on Kitty Dinger in letter and in spirit. Its uniquely engineered wallet, multichain launchpad, and focus on charity are so well-tuned, that Kitty Dinger will become a force of great change in crypto.  After all, there is no realm we can’t conquer together.”


With a total supply of 1 trillion, the 10% transaction fee on every transaction will be divided as such: two percent (2%) is redistributed to holders, two percent (2%) is allocated to development, five percent (5%) to the marketing wallet (of which 1% will go towards donations), and one percent (1%) is added back into the liquidity pool.

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