Igniting a Tidal Wave of $BEACH Expansion

“The only limit is our imagination.”  – The BEACH Founders


BEACH seeks to become the benchmark for all crypto ecosystems by defining De-Fi with real-world use cases. The aim is to foster positive planet behavior, one where every transaction of $BEACH supports clean ocean projects and initiatives to help reduce and offset the CO2 footprint. 

The core initiative advancing their ethos and values is The Beach Collective, a social and utility-driven space that uses $BEACH to bring together like-minded people (vendors and buyers) who all share in and appreciate the need for ethical consumption and more sustainable goods and services.

Imagine an ecosystem of activity where $BEACH is used as currency for real-life purchases – where a combination of community vendor partners and digital nomads utilize and are paid in $BEACH for their ocean conservation work and their ethical brands, products, and shops.  By working with a few key local non-profits, businesses, hotels, restaurants, and retailers, The BEACH Collective intends to create a micro-economy where people could freely spend their $BEACH on real-life purchases.  

The Beachgoers

BEACH recognizes the rapidly growing digital “work-from-anywhere” crowd who resonates with taking care of the environment.  Traveling, living and working in various beach cities and towns around the world, an intersection of opportunity exists for a mutually beneficial and environmentally conscious Beach Collective ecosystem to develop: 

As explained by the BEACH founders:

“Although the pandemic threw the idea of working from home (WFH) into mainstream public awareness, for some years now communities of digital nomads otherwise known as the 'work from anywhere' crowd had been moving from one sunny location to another, opening up their laptops on beaches and living in co-living spaces in hubs such as Lisbon, Bali, and Madeira."

 As more and more jobs now offer, and indeed employees now demand, the right to work remotely, the movement is growing fast. There was one co-living space in Tenerife, the largest and most populous Canary Island last January.  Now there are five.

The typical profile of a digital nomad is in their early 30s, cosmopolitan, generally without children, with a job in the creative/digital economy, perhaps as a freelancer or maybe even in crypto. They also tend to be climate-conscious and are aware that their globetrotting comes with high emissions.

Through partnerships with businesses that service this upwardly mobile market, such as the travel, hospitality, retail, and digital peer-to-peer and gig economy sectors, building a conservation tourism industry around this token will further drive and bolster value within the Beach economy.

The BEACH founders explain why this is an attractive proposition for this mobile crowd:

“As a currency which transcends geography, it solves the problem of transaction and foreign exchange fees, as they exchange their salary for the local currency, particularly if they happen to be freelancers and are getting paid in different currencies.”

BEACH’s burn and reflection rates make the currency both deflationary and a source of passive income. Simply by holding BEACH, digital nomads will slowly accrue more BEACH as other people in the network buy and sell.

With every transaction, the digital nomads know that they are giving back to the planet as 2% of every transaction funds ocean conservation around the world. This allows them to address the high emissions of their lifestyle without reducing their quality of life.”

Ecosystem of Economies

The BEACH Collective offers an ecosystem of economies using the BEACH token as the currency. The BEACH founders explain some of their initial ideas for “economies” as follows:

Project-Led Economy

“BEACH is building Beach Collective ecosystems in the places such as the Philippines, a pilot community where we use $BEACH as the currency to support our activities there.  The vast programs of this ecosystem will engage with suppliers and workers who accept $BEACH; and once Beach Pay is in place, they will be able to accept $BEACH from each other.  Once developed, their sustainable brands and products will be listed on Beach Shop."

Green Circular Economy

“As our projects expand, we create new value-generating services and goods in our value chain. Whether it’s supporting local vegetable growers to supply our lunchbox street kids meal program, funding a small business to process the waste we collect into plastic flakes, or local artisans to create products from those plastic flakes which can then be sold on Beach Shop and/or locally, we will start to build out adoption into those parts of the economy which will support and reinforce the Beach vision.”


“Our on-the-ground projects and green circular economy efforts will intersect with the digital nomad/work-from-anywhere crowd as we create opportunities for them to visit, support, and participate in Beach projects. Whether it’s joining a local beach clean, visiting a mangrove restoration project, or buying fruit and vegetables from a local farmer, the added benefit that will come from being able to build a conservation tourism industry around this will further drive and bolster value within the Beach economy.  And, once developed, the digital nomads will be able to list their services on Beach Gig.”

As spoken by the BEACH Founders: “Whilst the vast majority of altcoins rely on hype and promotion as the cornerstone of their activities, at Beach Token we engage with communities, empower them, provide them with the tools and funds to #DoGood within their communities."

#DoGood with Every Transaction

To find out more about BEACH and the BEACH Collective, visit their website: https://beachtoken.io/ or social







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