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“ is the world’s most powerful filmmaking ecosystem that places Hollywood decision-making onto the blockchain and into the hands of creators and fans.”

– Co-founders of made its official debut as a DAO last month.  Working feverishly behind the scenes, is developing the backend blockchain infrastructure of their DAO to accomplish one goal: to champion inclusion, equality, and diversity in global entertainment. 

What does this mean? is using blockchain to transfer power from a long-held centralized control with an exclusive film industry hierarchy to fans and creators on a global scale. 

How does this work?  Creators promote their projects to fans, so fans can discover, support, and influence the production of film and TV entertainment.

In an interview with Ian LeWinter, co-founder of, we delved a bit deeper into their DAO and how it’s coming along.  The details of this interview and can be found in this two-part series.

What was the most important consideration in structuring the DAO?

Ian LeWinter: At, we value people’s participation and voice more than how big their bank account is.  We won’t let this be about whoever has the biggest wallet has the largest control, which is why people who participate earn FAN Tokens and governance power. The more you participate, the more you earn.

Please tell us more about the FAN Tokens and the structure of the DAO? 

Ian LeWinter: The DAO is accessible to everyone across the globe.  We structured it so that everyone who has FAN Tokens and has signed the constitution becomes a DAO member. 

These tokens, which are not financial instruments and have no monetary value, are used to participate in the DAO, allowing creators to submit their projects as “proposals,” while asking fans to show their support for the projects they believe in by staking their tokens. Fans can stake tokens toward projects to show support, earn an increased reputation for liking and reviewing projects, and earn increased governance power to help creators unlock their Go ScoreTM.

What is a Go ScoreTM?

Ian LeWinter: Essentially, the Go ScoreTM is the creator’s “success fingerprint,” a multi-stage process, which gets the creator’s project and idea initially onto the platform and all the way into project greenlighting. The Go ScoreTM consists of three stages: development, funding, and greenlighting.  The development stage involves the creators adding key content to their project platforms and building an audience through reviews, shares, and token stakes.  This opens up the potential for a variety of funding options to become available, including NFTs, CeFi, DeFi, and treasury funds. Once an audience has been built and funds have been raised, will introduce the creators to a mentor and distribution partners to greenlight projects into production.

And the project element?

Ian LeWinter: In the project development phase, creators perfect their materials and implement fan outreach.  Then the creators find funding.  And in the final stage, project greenlighting means they have reached a point where they have a mature project, have raised the money they need for production, and have an engaged audience that is supportive and enthusiastic about their idea. At, it’s exclusively up to the DAO Members to move the creators and their projects through the ranks. 

How is participation measured and how do fans earn FAN Tokens?

Ian LeWinter: There’s an opportunity for fans to participate in many ways, and the website states how many tokens can be generated from any one particular activity.  The activities are everything from staking your tokens in support of favorite proposals and sharing a project on your social media channels to rating and writing a review on a project. In the near future, there will be a myriad of ways for people to earn tokens through interaction. Our roadmap has a number of features that will broaden that scope in the not-too-distant future. Ultimately, it’s about supporting the projects that you love – using your tokens to support a project and gain more tokens from your support

Going deeper, can you talk about fan governance rewards? 

Ian LeWinter: Staking FAN Tokens gives fans voting power to influence the entertainment industry, and rewards can be earned in the form of Fan Governance Rewards (FGRs).  The greater your participation in the ecosystem, the more tokens, and FGR you can earn. FAN Tokens and FGR have no monetary value; they simply increase your influence within the community and strengthen your voting power on platform governance decisions and influence the direction of the entertainment industry.



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