Holiday Crypto: The Gift That Keeps On Giving


During the holiday season, there is always that person who is impossible to buy gifts for? The one who seemingly has everything. Or the one whose varied interests are difficult to keep up with. 

So here’s a thought — rather than just ordering a random trinket off of Amazon, how about purchasing some cryptocurrency for them this holiday season? The good news here is that you won’t have to wait for the already bogged-down delivery services to bring a package to their door. You’ll know that you have the gift in plenty of time for the holidays. 

It turns out that quite a few people in the U.S. are planning to give someone the gift of crypto this year, according to BlockFi. This is based on a survey in October of 2021 that asked about giving crypto for the holidays. Let’s dive in to what they found out.

The Gift of Conversation

The holiday season is full of family and friends, which can be refreshing. It can also be a little tense, given that most current events are now considered hot-button topics. It’s perhaps not too surprising then that BlockFi found that a third of people surveyed would rather talk about crypto at the dinner table this season. Perhaps this is a great excuse to brush up on your crypto knowledge.

Giving the Gift of Cryptocurrency

When it comes to buying gifts for someone, survey respondents are considering crypto as an excellent gifting option. In fact, ten percent of respondents intend to give someone crypto as a present this season. 

The top cryptocurrency choice of over three-fourths of the respondents? Bitcoin. This is likely the result of the fact that it has a bit more name recognition than other forms of crypto. And what were the runners-up to Bitcoin? Yes, you guessed it, Dogecoin and Ethereum. 

Learning About Crypto

Interestingly though, not even a quarter of respondents really know what to do when it comes to gifting crypto to someone. Obviously, that poses a problem if you’re hoping to provide Bitcoin to a loved one this holiday season. 

If this sounds like you, check out some of our resources for learning more about cryptocurrency. There’s an entire guide you can download that will help you get started if you’re newer to the crypto world.

And if you already know about crypto but need some help figuring out how to send it to someone as a gift, Investopedia offers up some handy tips. Crypto can also be exchanged for a gift card to thousands of retailers through sites like Bitrefill and Gyft

In the New Year

It seems that people included in the survey aren’t going to stop buying crypto after the holidays. About a quarter of respondents considered themselves apt to buy some form of crypto in the new year. The same three (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum) were again the top choices for 2022 crypto selections. 

Gifting Crypto

Since crypto doesn’t take up physical space, it’s an excellent idea for someone who doesn’t need more ‘stuff.’ And it’s perfect for those who love learning new things or taking on a fun challenge. 

Plus, news of crypto and blockchain continues to gain coverage in the media. While one cannot predict the future, it seems that crypto is here to stay. And blockchain’s potential is exploding on a variety of fronts, from fashion to beauty to coffee and more. Giving the gift of cryptocurrency to a loved one may just be the perfect giving option for the holiday season.

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