Filmzie Now Streaming On A Roku Device Near You


From across the pond, more movies and television shows for your viewing pleasure and all for FREE! The movie and TV streaming social platform Filmzie announced it is expanding into the U.S. market via Roku devices after taking the European and Australian continents by storm. 

Roku users will now have access to Filmzie’s 1000+ catalog of movies and television shows just in time to watch familiar and new holiday classics while gathered with family and friends. Why actually talk to your relatives when Filmzie can do the talking for you?

What is Filmzie again?

Filmzie got its start in the U.K. as a movie streaming app that helps independent filmmakers reach a larger audience. Everybody likes free, right? Now the huddled masses yearning to be entertained have thousands of new titles to choose from including feature films, independent films, and a variety of television shows to suit every viewer’s taste.  

Smaller budget, independent films now have the opportunity to reach an international audience bigger than they have ever had access to before. Many of the films have never seen the inside of a theater but thanks to Filmzie and Roku viewers can stream them directly into their personal home theaters. 

Filmzie’s press release about coming to America highlights why this is a streamer’s dream come true. 

“There are no apps to download, viewers can find any film or series from the wider Filmzie slate via Roku’s own search function and can watch them instantly without any membership fees.”

With action, drama, comedy, thriller, and horror movies, Filmzie offers a wide variety of content. Festival-winning films, independent cinema, and short films from some of the industry's most talented (new and upcoming) filmmakers will now get much broader exposure. 

Everyone stuck at home entertaining the in-laws, their cousin’s bored teenagers and their great-aunt the film critic now have more viewing options to keep peace on earth throughout the holiday season, at least in their household, with a Roku streaming device.

Matej Boda, CEO of FILMZIE says: “The U.S. viewer is incredibly receptive to finding great films wherever they may be. Through distributing on the Roku platform, we are able to provide a large audience of streamers the ability to discover interesting content and watch for free, from great dramas, documentaries, comedies, art-house, and all the wonderful other genres out there.”

What is Roku again? 

Roku is yet another streaming device designed to satisfy consumers who are dropping cable for more personalized content they can stream anytime not only on their TVs but also on their phones, tablets, and laptops. According to Business Insider, Roku,“surpassed 100 million users in the US in 2020, has steadily become one of the most popular streaming options for cord-cutters.”

Roku, Japanese for six, is named for founder Anthony Wood’s sixth company launch.  The streaming device is available as a stick, rounded-square box, built into smart TVs, a Roku TV, which has a built-in operating system, and range in price from $29.99 to over $500. If you really want to immerse yourself in a Filmzie cinema masterpiece you can upgrade your TV’s audio quality with a Roku Streambar, wireless subwoofer, and speakers.

How is Filmzie Free? 

Thousands of new titles to choose from in movies and television shows, drama to comedy seems too good to be true. How can it all be free?

Well, Roku is not free, but the stick that plugs into your television is only around $30. As for Filmzie, they have an AVoD business model or advertising-based video on demand.  

“It is a  model viewers are ‘paying for’ with their eyeballs – it includes free content funded by advertisements. Much like in broadcast television, the revenue comes 100% from selling ads on videos.” Kaltura 

Filmzie content is not limited to your television, though.

“It is available as an iOS and Android app via the Samsung Galaxy Store and Google Play, or through web browsers, the service is structured around carefully curated themes, to help optimize discoverability and introduce ‘new’ titles to curious audiences,” according to their press release about its American rollout.  

More Is Better

When it comes to entertainment options, more is better. In the current movie industry a lot of great films from talented filmmakers never make it to the big screen, but with services like Filmzie American viewers can enjoy timeless classics and indie releases. It’s simple to sign up, just head to, create an account and that’s it. If you don’t have a Roku streaming device yet put it on your Christmas wish list but you can start watching movies and TV shows from Filmzie right away by downloading the free app on your smartphone or tablet. Happy holidays!


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