Eying the Goblintown World – But Who’s Behind It All?


November 6, 2023


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Goblintown, an NFT project that launched in May, looks on the surface like many of the other projects in this hot space. But once you take a step into Goblintown, it becomes a world that is very very different. If you are on the inside, the outside, or have never heard anything about Goblintown, then I would encourage you to begin your research and start taking notes. This will allow you to make your own informed decisions on the value proposition of this project.

As is the case with many other NFT projects, Goblintown has an anonymous team. There are 10,000 Goblin NFTs and more beneath that. There has been much speculation about who may have started this project. Some have suggested the founders are from Bored Ape Yacht Club / Yuga Labs. Others believe it’s Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead creator, and yes, it sounds like Beavis on the website). And then there’s the talented Beeple / Mike Winkelmann. Yet all of these people have confirmed that they have no involvement with Goblintown.

A team of one that’s un-doxxed, five of them have been confirmed via their Twitter profiles as follows:

Karrul https://twitter.com/goblintownwtf/status/1532768850223288323?s=20&t=PR33Zmvwho-EWWLw9V_aIA

Blagga https://twitter.com/goblintownwtf/status/1532426870037303298?s=20&t=PR33Zmvwho-EWWLw9V_aIA

Morb https://twitter.com/goblintownwtf/status/1532104770688794624?s=20&t=PR33Zmvwho-EWWLw9V_aIA

Tulorf https://twitter.com/goblintownwtf/status/1531683294085095424?s=20&t=PR33Zmvwho-EWWLw9V_aIA

Mergan https://twitter.com/goblintownwtf/status/1533159262003814402?s=20&t=oeAjmVMeIpPPht6xqucV1Q

Aarfa, Argargar, Blooki, Urzi, Snogg and one more team members are still to be revealed.

If you are familiar with this project, you either love or hate it. There is no middle ground. The artwork is catchy with a skilled scribbly style to it consistent across the entire brand, giving it rough edges and a unique feel that comes through the screen at you. What brought Goblintown to the community's attention was the infiltration of Twitter Spaces events with the team of Goblins. Grunting, Hollering, and pushing characters of Goblins in an overbearing way, many of us wondered exactly what was going on.

It’s interesting to note that Goblintown and other more recent projects instead of cohearsing the public into dropping their precious ETH on something brand new, launched with no minting fee. This is a growing trend. Just an ETH gas fee was required to obtain these gruesome and gorgeous NFTs.

NO MINT FEE! It's a beautiful thing to hear this, which brings everyone to the table in terms of joining the community.

Features with the collectible NFTs include different shaped heads, noses, ears, eyes, hats and even socks on the ears. Some of the NFT's have a very very special rarity to them which is evolving. We will get to that later.


For the average person in Twitter Spaces, you will be surprised to hear the Goblins in events. Yelling, grunting, farting and more makes you feel like you are underground in a place you've never been before. This behavior would typically be completely rude and out of line, but the crypto community has latched on to the show being put on.

The goblins have taken over many Twitter Spaces events and ran their own for hours and hours creating many laughs and some frustrated listeners. Many have listened and become annoyed, your typical Karen and Kevin in this world, who just can't handle Goblintown and their community. The rooms can be somewhat obnoxious, but you have to get into your element and embrace it.

The Goblintown team along with some community members have stayed true to this theme WITHOUT breaking character, EVER! This is impressive on many fronts, as it is so easy to break out of character acting like a Goblin. You may or not appreciate this skill that we see from team members in Goblintown. This is how the project has become successful. If any of their team broke character and the wall was taken down to see who was behind the curtain running the project, the experience would be destroyed.

If you are known to own one of the Goblin NFTs, you will be greeted in spaces with a resounding "Welkm". Common terms to learn are as follows:

Origin: GOBLINTOWN website
Goblintown theme song found on goblintown.wtf
Origin: Twitter Spaces
Definition:  Special sauce provided by Gary P for McGoblinBurger
Origin: Twitter Spaces
Definition:  if Fudders can not be turned into McGoblin burgers, we push them off da cliff.
Origin: Twitter Spaces
Definition:  Specialty menu item at McGoblin Burger. Often ordered in combination with Gary Pee sauce.
Origin: Twitter
Definition: A very legitimate financial genius who questions the value in Goblintown and needs traditional metrics to live. See Serious Investor copypasta.
Origin: Twitter Spaces
Definition: A greener, healthier alternative to blue chips for goblins.
Origin: Twitter Spaces
Definition: McGoblin Burger’s primary supplier of dairy, KMONEY provides milk to McGoblin in exchange for burgers.
Origin: BEEPLE Definition: A term of endearment to describe the amount of incredible thought and detail that went into the production of Goblintown.


Some, including myself, have compared this brand to a Disney experience. Yes, they are no doubt worlds apart, but as you may know, Disney offers inside of their brands "Theme Parks" as opposed to "Amusement Parks". A theme in branding and within Disney at Disneyland or Disneyworld includes sights, sounds, smells, characters, and much entertainment built on top of these things. If any of the background music, characters, lights, and atmospheres are stopped or disrupted, the illusion is gone.

This is what Goblintown has done differently than all other NFT projects with their team and it's creating massive growth in the project. Obviously, Disney and Goblintown are worlds apart, but so are many NFT projects to Goblintown.


If you visit the website https://goblintown.wtf, you will find a simple layout with somewhat limited information.

No roadmap, No Discord, No Utility.

But don't forget about a little perspective from one of the community members shared in a DM with me mentioning

"Not having roadmap doesn't mean not having plan." Something to keep in mind for all NFTs, projects or companies.

The site is very simple. What you can conclude from this is that there is money behind this project, along with experience in deploying brands and much more planned to be released. The background music played on the website is referred to as "Pendulum". I'm not sure why, but you will hear this in Twitter Spaces and more.

Apparently. There is some sort of coded message to solve. Various pictures have been going around and have been pieced together. There doesn't seem to be a solution, but what this may lead to will either be the founders or a future layer to the project. I wonder who will be able to crack this almost hieroglyphic style of lettering?


The common theme heard from those who have spent time with the Goblintown community is that they can’t resist the temptation to continue checking back in order to see what's next. The instinct for the public to take on new projects is to say "No Utility, I'm out." and that's fine.

It's amazing how others look at this project, even spending up to 7ETH and 8ETH on OpenSea for a resale of Goblin NFTs. Yet they aren't concerned about the project closing or being abandoned by the creators. Floor price has pulled back to just below 5ETH at this point. The reason for this is simple with comments like this "I've never had so much fun with a project. I love this community." That's something you can't force or buy, it has to be built organically.

We at Gokhshtein Media have even had the nod of approval to nickname David Gokhshtein as David Goblinstein, and Goblinstein University as an upcoming school to open. This is all jokes and entertainment which we appreciate with our interactions from our company and Goblintown.


Mcdonalds may turn their head and learn about some branding with NFTs here. Most large corporate brands think they can launch NFTs to the public, but they fail to understand that if they don't have a sub-community of crypto-enabled, Metamask hot wallet degens, an NFT release will fall flat on its face.

On the flip side, the next layer to Goblintown is the McGoblinBurger brand, which has been deployed with a rush of interest from the public, as each Goblin was able to mint an NFT or "Burger" from Goblintown. We have seen this type of NFT drop with Bored Apes and Mutant Apes. Nothing was required other than gas fees giving the community a satisfying hand out of another NFT! The burger comes in a combo with patties, buns, sauces, and strange ingredients.

The metadata has updated and many of the Burgers or Meal Combos are live! Just 11 of the McGoblinBurger NFTs have been deployed as rare "Oopsie Burgers". Checkout those details below in "WHAT WE ARE WATCHING" from the project.

The McGoblinBurger team is shared on the website with Twitter profiles except for the "Manajir". Other profiles are as follows:

Ali Hussain https://twitter.com/TheChainGamer

Troof https://twitter.com/SFakamoto

InetDave https://twitter.com/inetdave

El Professor https://twitter.com/aforafro

DremeOfBergers https://twitter.com/DremeKrispy

Crypto4NFT https://twitter.com/crypto4nft

Wirelyss https://twitter.com/Wire_lyss

Dad Mod https://twitter.com/DadMod_xyz

WaterDeepEth https://twitter.com/waterdeepeth


There's more? Yes, just 5 of the 10,000 NFTs have been evolving, with one image to another being updated through the metadata. Goblintown NFT's 2625, 8041, 1353, 5465 & 3662 started as eggs and have had quite a progression in style. And what will ultimately be a function if I assume correctly.

These rare NFTs started as an egg, then opened slightly, revealing a goblin inside. Another goblin then smashed the egg. It sat like a smashed egg, possibly fermenting, then a unicorn put some juice on it, and a wizard put some magical spell on it. Then the eggs were popping, then growing, and now they say "Arrggghhhhh" and it's immenent that something will happen.

What seems to be the final stage of this evolution looks like some sort of eggs, percolating in a gif image. Could these be some type of group of fairies that will come to life, or a new type of Goblin? We will have to wait and see when the metadata updates!

The owners of these suuuuper rare NFTs are on Opensea as:

Goblintown#8041 https://opensea.io/Glovereth - Bought for 2ETH

Goblintown#2625 https://opensea.io/ShadowBan - Bought for 56 ETH

Goblintown#1353 https://opensea.io/2l3gi72qui7 - Bought for 2.5 ETH

Goblintown#5465 https://opensea.io/Heyyoka - Bought for 1.69 ETH

Goblintown#3662 https://opensea.io/0x90c0e8C6E4791B9e4F99272fD70016a682056847 - Bought for 1.69 ETH


A new Goblintown song came out the other day with a house music feel to it, which can be heard here:



We have had some communication with the Goblintown team, and they agreed to a brief interview with some comments to give us an idea of what's coming next in the project!


If you would like to join the community and write in subscript, you can use a tool from this website shared with me from one of the community members.


Also, you can visit a page to ask questions to Goblintown. The answers are automated, but may be monitored for community input:


Checkout the official links to Twitter and Opensea here:





Currently there have been some rare NFTs updated with the metadata from McGoblinburger called "Oopsie Burgers". Looks like they are very rare! Detailed nicely here by: https://twitter.com/restinbit


Next, this is a very slick and subtle event happening on the McGoblinBurger website. A small burger trap appeared in front of the building. Detailed with a look at the coding by: https://twitter.com/0xQuit


Look at this! The trap is set. Utility, or "Utiliipee" is Disabled! What does this mean? What will happen? There are assumptions if Goblins will be able to eat burgers or what the next stages of the project will be after this.

Another layer to the project is something happening witha strange code cycling on the McGoblinBurger page.

Thanks for reading this article! Enjoy the Goblintown community and watch for more articles as we follow this project!