dYdX Enters Beta Stage


November 14, 2023


Gabriel Negrín

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With the support of 99% of the community, the dYdX Chain has launched its beta mainnet stage, marking an exciting new chapter in decentralized derivatives trading. The beta launch has sparked activity in over 33 markets, paving the door for active trading.

At a confirmed 8:45 a.m. EST, the seamless transition from the alpha stage to the beta mainnet started. With over 33 permanent markets offering up to 20x leverage, active trading is now feasible on the dydx.trade platform, made possible by the dYdX Operations subDAO, which manages the chain's decentralized infrastructure.

Users in this beta phase will not currently receive trading incentives, but validators and stakers should anticipate incurring trading fees. A lengthy trial period that aims to maximize the trading environment's activity.

With a cumulative trading volume of more than $1 trillion since 2020, the dYdX platform exemplifies a community-driven culture, emphasizing comprehensive chain testing before allowing full trade with rewards.