Cruising With Crypto

After over a year of not traveling, many people are more than ready to hit the road. And plenty of people are eager to get out on the ocean and cruise. Many of the big-name cruise ships are offering some great cruise options for those travelers. And there’s even a new luxury brand of cruise ship for travelers who want to live the good life at sea while being more mindful of the environment. 

A New Cruise Line

The MSC Group announced late this past summer that they were rolling out Explora Journeys. According to their press release, Explora Journeys was “created for the next generation of discerning luxury travelers.” But just what makes it so special? A few things, as it turns out. 

First of all, their news release boasts of over 300 years of “seafaring history.” Meaning, they probably know a thing or two about cruising. That’s obviously reassuring for those setting sail with this new brand. 

The brand is launching four luxury liners from 2023 through 2026. They promise that each will have the “highest level of service and amenities.” This promise seems legitimate since the brand partnered with designers known for designing luxurious spaces such as superyachts, for example. 

Apparently, the cruise ships will feature suites and living quarters along with fourteen different decks. Some of those decks will have private cabanas. And of course, there will be pools. Four pools, to be more specific. And one of them will have a glass roof that they can pull back on warm days.

Along with the prerequisite bar and dining options aboard any decent cruise ship, they’ll be offering some wellness spaces for their travelers. It seems that those on board can choose a variety of amenities from group exercise classes to private fitness workouts and various spa and fitness areas.  

Prioritizing Sustainability

Along with luxury at every turn, Explora Journeys decided to incorporate some sustainability practices. They’re creating the ships to use current environmentally-friendly fuel methods. Yet the ships are also meant to be adapted to newer technologies as they roll out. 

And the four cruise liners are going to be RINA DOLPHIN certified, which means they make much less noise under the water that disturbs marine life. This certification cuts back on noise while also boosting the overall sustainability of the ships by decreasing their effects on the environment. 

Crypto Cruising

The Explora Journeys ships aren’t quite available for cruising yet. And while they’re a unique blend of luxury and environmentally friendly, other cruise lines have tried some interesting and unique cruises as well. 

Take for instance the cruise ship that was supposed to be cryptocurrency-focused. Apparently, Ocean Builders Central purchased an existing cruise ship in 2020. They had hoped to attract remote workers, influencers, and start-up-focused entrepreneurs to actually live on the ship, which was supposed to drop anchor near Panama. The group even christened the ship MS Satoshi, which was an ode to Satoshi Nakamoto, who founded Japanese crypto. 

Each residence would be sold for upwards of $25,000, and residents would also have had to pay a fee each month. But the auction didn’t go as well as they’d hoped, so the group decided to rent its rooms out. Sadly, they couldn’t get anyone to insure their cruise ship and they decided not to pursue the crypto-focused cruise liner. 

It’s true that we don’t have a crypto cruise to enjoy just yet. But fortunately, the ship got a new life as the Ambience. It’s supposed to be launched in April 2022. 

Cruising into the Future

There you have it: a new luxury liner with improved sustainability, and a story of a crypto cruise liner that never became reality. Perhaps, though, this crypto cruise could pave the way for another enterprising entrepreneur down the road.


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