Coinbase Integrates Chainlink's Price Feeds in Base Network


August 17, 2023


Gabriel Negrín

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Coinbase has integrated Chainlink's pricing feeds into its Base Layer 2 network, improving developer accessibility, security, and usability.

This enables the link between the Layer 2 network and external DeFi applications like lending protocols and futures markets, paving the way for pioneering uses.

Chainlink, highly appreciated for providing top-notch data solutions to developers, uses volume-weighted data from many decentralized and centralized exchanges to get price feeds. It allows Base developers to blend existing applications into the Base platform seamlessly.

Johann Eid, the Chief Business Officer at Chainlink Labs, assures that this integration will foster the creation of sophisticated applications. It will also motivate other DeFi protocols to capitalize on Base's layer-2 blockchain.

Live for developers since July 13, Base's mainnet is set to launch for the broader public on August 9.