Breaking Down The Blockchain of Side Hustle


Holding down a second (or even third) job isn’t exactly uncommon these days. Some people also dream of running their own business and decide to start a side hustle outside of their full-time gig. So, just how many people are working remotely at side hustles? And could blockchain technology play a role in the success of these budding entrepreneurs?

Survey of Remote Workers

To find out just how many people are holding down multiple roles, Resume Builder sent out a survey of people working remotely. Their findings are a little mind-blowing, starting with the fact that almost 70 percent of people working remotely have two jobs of some sort. 

And 37 percent of people working remotely are actually holding down not one but two full-time jobs. But how is this even possible? Well, it turns out that 45 percent of the people with two full-time gigs are working remotely for both of them. That certainly cuts out the commute time! 

The survey also showed that many of the employees don’t have to put in a full 40 hours per week at each full-time position. In fact, 47 percent of the people with two “full-time” jobs work just 40 hours (or fewer)--for both of their jobs, combined. 

Why Work Multiple Jobs?

Perhaps not surprisingly, half of people surveyed are choosing to work two or more jobs for the extra income. Just about the same number also cited chipping away at debts as a motivating factor. And slightly less at 45 percent want to stash some extra dollars into their savings accounts. 

The Side Hustlers

Interestingly, many of the people holding down two full-time gigs might actually be entrepreneurs. Some of the respondents are holding down an employee position and running a side hustle of their own at the same time. 

About 84 percent of people with the two full-time jobs said they consider their business to be their second job. And a quarter of those businesses got their start sometime during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Men vs Women 

Within this particular survey, it seems that males are about two times more apt to have a second full-time gig than women. Males are also running their own businesses more than females, with 82 percent of males and 70 percent of females saying they have their own side hustle. 

How Blockchain Helps Businesses

People running a business on the side need lots of ambition. And, it never hurts to have a little extra help from friends, family, and even technology. In fact, blockchain technology is something that these side hustlers might want to leverage for a little business boost. 

For those business owners who need to raise some funds, crowdfunding with blockchain could be a possibility. And some new businesses have already raised plenty of money through an Initial Coin Offering, or ICO. An ICO is basically like an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that you’ve probably heard about in relation to the stock market.

Beyond raising startup funds, side hustlers might find blockchain useful if they need to build an app for their new company. Some entrepreneurs have built messaging apps that are totally reliant on the blockchain, which makes things more secure than standard messaging apps. 

Side Hustles are Here to Stay

Whether people are holding down a second gig as an entrepreneur or as an employee, it certainly appears that side hustles are here for the long run. A significant number of remote workers in the survey are holding down more than one gig, and they’re going about it in different ways. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive even during the pandemic, and there are plenty of tools out there, like blockchain, to help it succeed. 

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