Binance Pool to Launch Ordinals Inscription Service


August 31, 2023


Gabriel Negrín

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Binance Pool has launched its Ordinals Inscription Service, allowing more data inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Users can use the program to inscribe data on individual satoshis, the smallest Bitcoin unit, resulting in unique and secure digital artifacts. Users who have completed Binance's KYC verification and have a Taproot address are eligible for the service.

The procedure entails selecting between BRC-20, picture, and text inscription kinds. The BRC-20 option allows the minting of numerous tokens simultaneously while photos are resized and compressed for larger files. Text inscriptions accept single text inputs with a maximum size of 300KB and do not permit batch inscriptions.

Despite the simplicity of the service, Binance Pool stated that inscriptions are permanent and cannot be changed or deleted. Furthermore, Binance does not assure the capability to trade or transfer inscriptions post-creation.