$BEACH Token: Fueling Waves of Climatic Change

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“Some people show up, intent on taking what they can get…while others are patiently weaving together a cohort of meaning.” Seth Godin

Introducing the $BEACH token and the BEACH Collective: a climate movement that makes use of cryptocurrency to take action on climate change and build a circular green economy that facilitates commerce, trade, and employment in ways that support and promote climate-friendly consumption and ecological restoration. 

Rather than just a tool for speculation, investment, and passive income, BEACH’s mission is to become a currency that people use in their day-to-day life and that very literally makes provisions for the planet every time it is used.

The founders of the Beach token believe that money can be designed to re-align the landscape of incentives so that an action such as picking up a piece of litter from the beach can be good for the planet and good for your wallet.

As explained by the Founders of BEACH:

“With the advent of the blockchain & crypto technology, we have the radical potential to re-design money and re-align incentives so that what is good for you is the same thing as what is good for the planet….

The holy grail that BEACH has cracked is that it manages to be a fully functional means of exchange while baking the health of our oceans into every transaction. Not only does this mean direct impact via our worldwide partners, but with every transaction of $BEACH, we are reminded of the responsibility we have towards the planet we live on.”

What’s underlying the BEACH Mentality

Understanding that the gross deficiencies of our fiat monetary system and associated mindsets are what propagates the destruction of our planet, the BEACH team has set out to leverage the inherent benefits of cryptocurrency with innovative use cases, tokenomics, and investment strategies that deliver solid returns to those who participate in BEACH, while at the same time, conserving, restoring, and proliferating biomes and ecosystems of our planet – regenerating and replenishing the natural world that we are actively depleting.

As expressed by Founders of BEACH:

“Climate change is the single biggest threat mankind has ever faced and it’s caused by us. Our monetary systems (particularly our debt and interest-based fiat money) necessitate growth for the sake of growth. Debt and interest place us on an endless treadmill – try telling a man who has a mortgage on his house that he needs to slow down and work less…..

These mechanisms create a scarcity-based mindset and incentivize a whole range of extractive behaviors, which are degrading the natural world on which we depend while leaving scant rewards for those who wish to maintain, conserve and protect. And despite the radical potential to re-envision what money could become, most cryptocurrencies seem to be falling into similar traps, becoming tools for speculation and consuming vast quantities of energy…..

But in reality, the natural world is abundant. We have everything we need to survive and thrive if only we can learn to live more harmoniously, with economic systems that work for the planet rather than against it.”

BEACH Ecosystem Structure

 Launched on August 20, 2021, this hybrid token is listed on two blockchains, the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain. Intent on being a low friction form of currency that delivers strong and stable returns irrespective of market conditions, BEACH is taking conscientious measures to ensure their transactions aren’t contributing to the pollution, but rather “offsetting” it or protecting against it altogether.

Known for atrocious emissions, the ERC blockchain is converting to ETH 2.0, which promises to reduce the energy consumption of transactions to 1/10,000th of the present level of emissions. 

Awaiting this conversion, $BEACH hasn’t sat idle as 0.5%-1% of every $BEACH transaction is contributed toward initiatives intended to help offset the assumed energy footprint of that transaction.  The BEACH team is also considering temporarily or permanently migrating the ERC token and/or bridging to Avalanche, which is known for being eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Their tokenomics are structured to deliver stable returns, prevent inflation, and be a high-yield investment product. Every transaction (buy, sell, or transfer) in $BEACH results in a 15% tax applied to that transaction, and the monies are allocated in this way:

Three percent (3%) is reflected back to existing holders, creating a source of long-term passive income for holders.  

Two percent (2%) of tokens are burnt and cease to exist, making $BEACH a deflationary token.  Five percent (5%) is transferred to either an ETH or BNB boost fund and divvied up between strategic initiatives (4%) and management initiatives (1%).  

Three percent (3%) is transferred to a stable coin (DAI) boost fund and divvied up between strategic initiatives and protection in the event of a market downturn (3%) and clean ocean projects (1%).  One percent (1%) is set aside for development costs (0.5%) and carbon offset initiatives (0.5%).

The BEACH Collective

As the famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow pointed out: “The definition of a good society is one in which virtue pays.”

The BEACH Collective comprises Beach Pay, Beach Shop, and Beach Gig.  It essentially operates as a separate smart contract and ledger with all transactions taking place off-chain which means negligible emissions.  And, at the core of the virtuous circle created by the BEACH Collective are the collaborators and partnerships.

The Founders of BEACH share:

“We plan to pilot BEACH as a use-case currency for real-life purchases in several locations where we have an ecosystem of activity, including a combination of community partners and a community of digital nomads being paid in BEACH for their ocean conservation work, ethical brands, products, and shops….

One initial option we are scoping involves the community we work with in the Philippines, who all get paid for their beach cleans in BEACH.  By working with a few key local businesses, hotels, and restaurants, we would hope to create a micro-economy where people could freely spend their BEACH on real-life purchases.  The added benefit that will come from being able to build a conservation tourism industry around this will further drive and bolster value within the Beach economy.”

Participating in the BEACH ecosystem means participating in real-world direct climate action: beach cleans, recycling plastics, mangrove planting, and other blue carbon initiatives, education, and community involvement and empowerment. 

#DoGood with Every Transaction

To find out more about BEACH and the BEACH Collective, visit their website: https://beachtoken.io/ or on social: 







Carbon Free: https://www.worldwildlife.org/initiatives/climate

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