Why We Are Value Creators, NOT Influencers


May 9, 2023


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Let's get things straight: we are not influencers. In fact, we (as the web3 community) dislike the word influencer.

However, we do use social media to create value for others (and ourselves). Our role in the space is just that: creating value. This is a mindset — it's about serving. It's not about us. We are not influencers — we are value creators.

We are not influencers — we're value creators.

The idea of influencing people is foreign to us.

It's not that we don't care what people think about us — we do, but only insofar as it affects our lives in a meaningful way.

We want to help others find their own path through this web3 space. Sadly, the web3 space is full of people who only care about money or shilling their tokens.

It's tough to be in that place — you are indirectly responsible for everything that happens. If the token you talked about does well, you're an excellent alpha giver. But that rarely happens. The vast majority of the time, those obscure tokens lose all their value in a couple of months. And you are responsible for that too.

The point is: we have no desire to be in charge of anyone else's life. We don't want to have any control over them and their actions— that goes against everything we stand for!

Our Role Is To be Value Creators

Value creation is a beautiful thing.

We don't just create content — creating content just for the sake of it is a very hollow thing to do. We create value.

And that's more than just a mindset; it's what makes us different.

We're not asking you to believe in our ideas; we're asking you to see all the valuable information we share online. We are creating something of actual use for others.

We don't focus on 'me' — we focus on 'we.' No hidden agenda. No half-truths. Only our best interests are at heart.

We are here to serve others. We are not here to help ourselves. We aren't concerned about whether or not people will follow us.

If we can create value for someone else, they'll eventually follow us and share our content because it helps them somehow. It solves a problem or answers a question, or inspires them somewhere along their journey through the blockchain. And when you create something of value, people want more of it!

The truth is, it's not about us. The focus is on the audience, the content, and their needs first.

We do this because it's the right thing to do.

Is Being A Value Creator Unpopular?

Kind of.

Do we care? Not really.

There are plenty of people who do not share our values, and that's okay. Our values don't have to resonate with everyone. You can be sure that, unlike others, we won't try to use our influence for our benefit.

We won't let anyone set an agenda for us. Our only focus is creating value for you.

We're not here to influence anyone's opinion or behavior for our benefit (except for them learning more about us—but that's not bad!).

We want to share information and ideas online to help others create value for themselves. We make something valuable enough for people to pay attention to us for a minute or two.

Is being a value creator hard?

Sometimes it is.

We have a lot of work to do. We must never forget our mission and purpose and be willing to stand up for it. There will be times when things get tough (bear market, we see you!), but we must not let that distract us from our goal.

We are here to change crypto in ways no one has ever done. We believe this is the most important thing anyone can do today — and it starts with you!

Remember to only share valuable information. Do your own research and be as valuable to others as you can.