Unstoppable Domains is Leveling Up


November 6, 2023


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Web domains have started from simple addresses at the birth of the internet and have progressed to connect to all kinds of analytics. What has been progressing into blockchain technology and web3 culture is the use of domains to connect to crypto wallets and turn them into smart wallets. This evolotion of the crypto industry has been sorely needed, which continues to improve over time.

Gokhshtein Media is proud to announce having a signed partnership with Unstoppable Domains! What does partnership entail? For our company, every initiative we take must align with empowering the public and building our industry. This is why our founder David Gokhshtein approached Unstoppable Domains so that we can encourage the public to learn about smart wallets & domains to advance the efforts of everyone using this service.

If you would like to use this service, you can use the Gokhshtein Media link by clicking here:


What is an NFT domain?

The main benefits to owning one are simplifying crypto transactions by replacing wallet addresses with the domain name and easily creating and hosting websites on web3.

What Can You Do With an NFT Domain?

1. Simplify crypto transactions by replacing all your complicated wallet addresses with your domain name as your username

2. Use your domain to receive 275+ coins and tokens across multiple blockchain networks.

3. Login to apps with your domain name as your universal web3 username.

4. Unlike traditional domains, fully own and control your domain. You buy it once, you own it for life with no renewal fees.

5. Easily create and host websites, ranging from personal websites to NFT galleries.

What are the Benefits to using an NFT Domain?

1. Your Identity is portable. You can authenticate your identity with your crypto wallet. No need for separate passwords as you have been using on so many websites.

2. Your reputation or history of transactions can be recorded to build credibility under your NFT Domain. This will be very important with web3 in the future.

3. Digital Property will be proven through your NFT domain. Simple and efficient verification of ownership of digital property is easy. Examples of this include metaverse land, membership NFTs and more.

4. You Control Your Data because information is not accessable in multiple formats anymore. You can authorize or deny access to information of yourself through your NFT Domain.

5. Your NFT Domain can connect to off-chain data, which is too big or kept offline at your preference. This may include your most sensitive personal data.

6. Humanity Check is a service, where you can prove you are indeed a human, not a bot and share data specific to yourself, by confirming it and not releasing the information, through your NFT domain. This is referred to as zero knowledge proof (ZK Proof).

What can be expected when purchasing an NFT Domain from Unstoppable Domains?

The software for Unstoppable Domains is written on a public blockchain. By owning and minting your domain, you link your account to your e-mail address and to your crypto wallet address, where you will hold an NFT certifying your ownership of the address. Then you can direct and manage everything from there.

For myself, I minted rossmacdonald.nft for a cost of $20 (one time fee, paid with my crypto.com VISA card) and then minted the NFT to my wallet on the Polygon network. It was simple, and I now have full control of this address for my personal or business use.

Only you hold the power to make updates to your NFT domain, which minimizes worries about servers getting hacked or domains getting stolen. Since the inception of Unstoppable Domains, the service has minted over 2.4 million domains, so you can have great confidence in the service.

If you would like to understand and learn more about all of the ins and outs of the products availble with Unstoppable Domains, you can visit here: