The Most Scarce Whisky Ever Sold At Auction As An NFT


November 6, 2023


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Karuizawa’s Last Masterpiece,the most scarce whisky ever sold at auction as an NFT

Blockbar has developed a unique method of auctioning its products as digital collectibles in response to numerous brands embracing the NFT trend.

An NFT auction for the rarest Japanese whisky in the world from the year 1970 as part of the first direct-to-consumer (DTC) NFT marketplace for high-end wines and spirits.

The marketplace  is giving collectors the chance to acquire a portion of the famous "The Last Masterpiece 1970" produced by the Japanese distillery Karuizawa, which shut down in 2011.

There are just 211 bottles of this specific whisky remaining from the distillery's final production run in 1970, and it is being offered as the brand's first-ever NFT. It is a limited edition embellished with a bespoke label created by renowned Japanese calligrapher Souun Takeda.

The auction is sure to attract whiskey lovers from around the world since it starts at $75,000. It began at 12 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday 12 July and ends on 18th July at 5 p.m that day. Bidders could submit a payment via Ethereum, credit card, or wire transfer.

The remaining whiskey from the Karuizawa distillery has become highly sought after since the company closed. A veteran of the industry who helped develop and shape the Karuizawa, Eric Huang, is behind this drop.

Eric Huang, stated that the Karuizawa brand is quite distinctive, and we believe there is great potential for launching an NFT that includes providing the bottle owner with authenticity assurances. "We selected BlockBar because of their expertise and rigorous protocols for ensuring bottle quality and authenticity through direct relationships with brand owners."

NFTs are demonstrating that they can be used for more than just marketing and fan engagement. As an illustration, the Lamborghini-sponsored GT racing team Vincenzo Sospiri Racing (VSR) recently used NFTs to authenticate parts for its race vehicles, enabling customers to verify and audit branded purchases.

Users will be able to view and display any NFT, including the NFT version of the rarest whiskey in the world, a Reddit avatar, using Tag Heuer's recently released wristwatch, which supports NFT viewing.