NFT-NYC 2022 Guide


May 9, 2023

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The world of blockchain has been turned upside down in the past few months with a market crash, hacks, and corporations that have broken apart at the seams. To any outsider, these would be reasons enough to stay on the outskirts of our world of tech keeping everything at the other end of a ten-foot pole.

Yet, there is a core group of resilient degens as many would say, thriving in the world of NFTs. Degen is a term of endearment or classification used in the blockchain industry that applies to those who love wildly speculative products. NFTs many times fall into this category and the who’s who of this industry will be in New York at the NFT-NYC conference from June 20-23.

If you are attending or if you are keenly watching online to see what happens at this event, you may be wondering what to see, where to go, and what announcements are being made during NFT-NYC. Well, we have you covered. Here is a comprehensive guide to everything in New York surrounding this event.

The Marriot Marquis at Times Square is where you will find many floors of events, registration, and vendors that you can check out. We will be sharing all of this as we are onsite so you can see what is happening there!

One thing to watch for is our contest with our client Kitty Inu!

Go to Times Square, find the Kitty Inu Mascots, take a picture, and post it on Twitter! Follow the details of the contest here:

Here is what we are looking at and attending:

Monday, June 20th, 2022

Registration for NFT-NYC

11am - 4pm - Marriot Marquis - Times Square - Level 9

11 am -3 pm - Manhattan Park Crawl - with Umba Diama - West 4th Street Courts

1pm - NFTSea Blockparty - 11 Fulton Street

6-9pm - VIP & Speaker Dinner - Marriot Marquis - Times Square

6-9 pm - LinksDAO Event - 5Iron Herald Square - 3rd Floor

5pm - 10pm - Apefest - Day 1 - Pier 17 - 89 South Street

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

10:55 am - Polygon's Vision for the Future of NFTs and Gaming - with Ryan Wyatt @ Radio City Music Hall

10am - 3pm - On-Chain Monkeys Rooftop Party - Private Event

11am Through Thursday 4pm - Polygon Studios Hub - 718 Broadway

12:45-2:00pm - Lunch & Networking @ Marriot Times Square - Various Areas

2:25 pm - Future of Film & NFT's - Spike Lee & Safe Baderinwa - @ Radio City Music Hall

3:10 pm - Women-Led NFT Projects - with Rachel Wolchin, Cassandra Safehorn, Lisa Mayer, Ashley Smith, Danielle Davis & Vicki Jeavons.

6-9 pm - Voice x Street Theory NFT Residency - Drop Party - 701 7th Avenue

6-7pm - Goblintown / McGoblinBurger Food Truck @ Webster Hall - 125 E11th Street

11:30pm - 12:30am - Goblintown / McGoblinBurger Food Truck @ Terminal 5 - 610 W 56th Street

5pm - 10pm - Apefest - Day 2 - Pier 17 - 89 South Street

Wednesday, June 22nd 2022

Don't miss the presentation with David Gokhshtein & panelists on this day!

10:40 AM - Town Hall Theatre David Gokhshtein - panel with Tom Bilyeu, Douglas Boneparth & Will O'Brien

12-1pm - Goblintown / McGoblinBurger Food Truck @ Center 415 - 415 5th Avenue

12:00-2:00pm - Lunch & Networking @ Marriot Times Square - Various Areas

9-11pm - Goblintown / McGoblinBurger Food Truck @ Near Pier 17 - 89 South Street

5pm - 9pm - Blockchain For The Culture - Rise New York - 43 West 23rd Street

5pm - 10pm - Apefest - Day 3 - Pier 17 - 89 South Street

Thursday, June 23rd 2022

10pm to 2am - World of Women - Finally Enough Love - Concert with Madonna! - Private Location

5-6pm - Goblintown / McGoblinBurger Food Truck @ Housing Works Bookstore - 126 Crosby Street

9-11pm - Goblintown / McGoblinBurger Food Truck @ Terminal 5 - 610 W 56th Street

11am - Web 3.0 MoMA Meet up - Museum of Modern Art - 11 West 53rd Street

12:00-2:00pm - Lunch & Networking @ Marriot Times Square - Various Areas

4:30pm - Empowering Women in NFTs - Danielle Davis, Tal Navarro, Kate Waltman & Woza

5pm - 10pm - Apefest - Day 4 - Pier 17 - 89 South Street

The final day of Apefest is rumored to be the best day with two incredible world renouned Rap/Hip-Hop Performers. Gokhshtein Media will be here covering the event this day to share what happens and who headlines this highly anticipated event!

If you would like the full 46-page program from NFT-NYC, you can download it here:

Wondering how to get around NYC? Hopefully, you can do most of this with walking and some short Uber trips. If not, you can take the subway. To help you with this, check out the maps here for NYC:

Regular NYC subway service map:

Interactive Map:,-73.97853,14z

Beyond these dates, there are other things happening around at satellite events for NFTs and other brands. If you are still in town share what you are looking at and tag @gokhshteinmedia on Twitter with your posts, photos, and videos! We would love to share this with our community.

Thanks for joining us online or in NYC and stay safe while enjoying the events!