Kiyosaki vs Munger - Different Investors


May 12, 2023


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Crypto is polarizing — you either love it or don't find it that interesting. In a new, unexpected battle, we have two great investors in each corner: Robert Kiyosaki vs. Charlie Munger. Munger doesn't get bitcoin (BTC). Kiyosaki says Munger is living in the past. Who's right and who's wrong?

First, we have Charlie Munger, one of the greatest investors in history. Munger and Warren Buffett lead Berkshire Hathaway, an American holding company worth $991.79B.

Munger is no small fish, after all.

Although Charlie Munger has been investing for decades, he sees no use for bitcoin. In 2021, he said that bitcoin was a sickness. He later said the federal government should intervene and ban the whole industry.

On the other side of the ring is Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." Unlike Munger, Kiyosaki loves bitcoin. And how will he not? In a recent interview, Kiyosaki explained that his BTC investment is 300% up. He bought 60 BTC at $6,000 ($360K) — after some time in the market, his BTC holding is worth over $1.3M.

Kiyosaki recently compared himself to Munger. He put both him and Munger in the same category: old school. However, for Kiyosaki, Munger is living in the past as he doesn't support crypto. He says he sees the potential of blockchain as the future of investing.

Who is right, Munger clinging to the traditional system? Or is Kiyosaki right in opening the door to crypto?

The truth is that crypto is so polarizing that two high-caliber investors can't agree. What we can be clear about is that there are traditional investors who will prefer the old way. But little by little, more and more investors embrace blockchain. Futile debate or not, crypto is here to stay.