Kitty Kart Goes Live with Multiplayer Mode


May 9, 2023

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Today, Kitty Inu announced that the release of their multiplayer demo of Kitty Kart! If you haven't heard, it's an online racing game made around the characters from Kitty Inu with Blockchain built-in. The demo is out and will have many features being deployed with NFTs, characters, play and earn gaming, along with many more layers to see!

Get ready to hit the road on the new multiplayer random match mode and race with up to 10 of your friends as Kitty, Shib, or Bored Ape. The KittyKart multiplayer demo also improves gameplay mechanics, such as drifting around corners, shooting down your opponents, and using boosts to leave them in the dust. Test your skills in beautifully rendered environments, and show the world what you’re made of.

Rafael Senne, Game Developer and Engineer commented, “Working on KittyKart and with the Kitty Inu team has been a wonderful experience. The environment we have here is one of the greatest I’ve experienced in my career. KittyKart is aiming to be an incredible game with so much content, and it makes me very happy and excited to be part of this project!”

The developers have been hard at work bringing KittyKart to life, creating stunning art and graphics, testing gameplay mechanics, and working on a vast array of customization options. The multiplayer demo is just the beginning of the KittyKart saga, and we are very excited to bring you even more content following this release.

While the token is not integrated into the demo, in the future, it will play a core role as the currency of the game’s NFT marketplace, KittyMart. The Kitty Inu token will facilitate the purchase and sale of earned in-game assets among players. All token holders will be able to participate in this free market!

We are so proud to see the team from Kitty Inu and what their developers have accomplished to date. To continue to make the game even better, we need your help! We need players to test the game, tell us what they love about it, and where we can improve. We want to make this a game that people play for years to come, and you can be a part of that. We hope you’re looking forward to the full release as much as we are.

In the meantime, we’ll see you on the racetrack. Start your engines!

Go to, click on KittyKart, scroll down and click on:

"Download Single & Multiplayer Demo".

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