Hugo Boss announces plans to launch its first-ever NFT collection


May 9, 2023


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Hugo Boss is the most recent company to jump on the metaverse and NFT (non-fungible token) bandwagon.

HUGO's youth division will collaborate with Imaginary Ones to develop a 360-degree metaverse experience in addition to its inaugural NFT collection. The corporation hopes to revamp its brand in 2022 with the help of the alliance.

The collection, which will have 1001 3D cartoons, is anticipated to be released in November of this year. "Embrace Your Emotions" is the name of the collection (EYE).

The definition of a "360-degree metaverse experience" has not been made explicit by either party. However, it's possible to surmise that the experience will support augmented reality. Customers will be added to a list with 500 slots after purchasing a limited edition "phygital" t-shirt. A QR code will be printed on each t-shirt, which when scanned will direct users to a Snapchat lens that will create a special augmented reality effect.

What will be included in the NFT collection?

Of the 1,001 NFTs, six will have special qualities. Love, fear, sadness, and rage are represented by five characters. The collection's intriguing story will also benefit a worthwhile cause. An exclusive sixth character incorporating all five emotions will be posted for sale on October 10 to mark World Mental Health Day.

Additionally, children between the ages of 13 and 17 are welcome to learn about and explore the topic of mental health through this research-based program. More than 85,000 teenagers from 16 different nations participated in the testing.

"Imaginary Ones stated in an official announcement that their collection aims to inspire people to connect with their emotions, and to encourage them to embrace all feelings, both positive and negative, since freedom of expression can improve mental health and well-being significantly."

The staking ecology of Imaginary Ones will be available to owners of this NFT collection. Additionally, users will get access to a distinctive range of Hugo x IO products, events, and content, including wearable computers.

The industry leader in fashion is only one of several companies embracing the digital age.

Gucci also started this year's web3 and NFT efforts. In order to build its own store in the metaverse, the fashion house purchased some land in The Sandbox.

Blockchain technology are being used by owners of historical clothing and accessories to increase the accessibility of their products and transform them into tradable NFTs that provide access to both physical and digital components.