Cryptokicks iRL: Nike's Next Step in Web3


May 9, 2023


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Nike is making strides in web3. Back in November, it launched Swoosh, its virtual apparel and avatar accessories store. Now the sneaker brand decided to merge the real world with the virtual world with its new Web3 sneakers: Cryptokicks iRL.

It all started with the virtual fashion brand RTFKT, which Nike bought last year. This part of Nike's strategy will boost its initiative and entry into the web3 world.

After a year of planning, RTFKT and Nike decided to launch their first collection of sneakers. These are not just any pair of shoes: these will be digital collectibles that will also exist in the real world.

Cryptokicks iRL offers step detection and interconnectivity between various applications. The sneakers are an innovative proposal from the U.S. company — they will have automatic laces, enhanced lighting, haptic feedback, gesture control, and wireless charging via the RTFKT Powerdeck.

Lace Engine NFT holders can register to buy their iRL Cryptokicks through RTFKT. It will launch as a private sale for Lace Engine NFT holders on December 12. RTFKT will offer the remaining unsold shoes to the public. However, the price of the shoes will be higher for the general public. A total of 19,000 units will be available in four different colors.

Due to regulatory issues, the Cryptokicks iRL will only be available in the United States. So, if you're in the U.S., let the sneakerhead in you enjoy some of the most incredible kicks in the web3.