ConsenSys Acquires Hal - Notifications & Web3


May 9, 2023


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ConsenSys continues to make moves. On February 21, ConsenSys announced the acquisition of HAL — a no-code tool that enables information detention. Infura Web3 API providers can now integrate with Hal's webhook or notification services. Will Web3 notifications be the next big thing for ConsenSys?

HAL is a tool that allows users and companies to query and automate blockchain data. Thanks to this new acquisition, Infura will expand the competencies of its developers. Now all its devs will use HAL's fully configurable webhooks service.

Why is this important? The answer is more straightforward than it sounds. Infura specializes in developing tools that help developers and engineers build on Web3. Today, the company has invested in tools and features that will help improve the developer experience. Infura will avoid cracks or any problems during data entry with these new tools.

Also, this is a clear example that no-code tools are more valuable than ever. The tie-up between Infura and Hal will allow developers entry to more than 40 high-level APIs for listening and blockchain signals.

According to Infura founder Eleazar Galano, the announcement accelerates the development of Infura's core product set. It will also enhance the building of better systems for a decentralized future.

How will ConsenSys and Infura use HAL? Let's take the example of MyCrypto and MetaMask, the company's two wallets. HAL will enhance its user experience by offering a dynamic and customizable notification system.

The agreement also includes adding 10 HAL employees to the ConsenSys team. They will be responsible for finding solutions that require low-code or no-code development.

What we do know for sure is that ConsenSys and Infura are working to offer the best Web3 experience possible. The decentralized future is getting closer and closer.