Charting Kitty Inu's Rise to Stardom


May 9, 2023

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Photo credit: @KittyKartRacing  

Caption: Kitty Inu struts her stuff on the catwalk in full 3D fashion, showing a lot of class and a little bit of sass.

Kitty Inu made her presence known in New York City at the 4th Annual NFT.NYC 2022 industry event, which is ‘committed to giving a voice to the NFT community’. During the four-day event in June, a multitude of speakers addressed a variety of topics, including how to leverage NFTs to build wealth, integrate NFTs into any industry, and bridge the gap between traditional finance and NFTs, among many other topics.

Kitty Inu welcomed NFT fans to the NFT.NYC 2022 event with a well-designed campaign, including a dynamic digital billboard, a 6-foot-tall Kitty Inu mascot, and a private party packed full of surprises.

Projected on a dynamic 3D digital billboard above the city streets just a block off Times Square, Kitty Inu grabbed the attention of NFT enthusiasts and passersby with her swagger, as she strolled down the catwalk with Kitty flair.

Photo credit: @KittyInuToken

With the help of The Element Agency (@KristianKruz), a global OOH Advertisement company for Web3, Tech, and Entertainment industries, Kitty Inu secured an oversized corner spot wrapping the intersection of Broadway and W 48th Street.

Photo credits: @Clarke_K3nt, @KraveArtistry, @xCryptoDoll and @KittyInuToken


Visitors on the streets in Times Square were also greeted by a larger-than-life, 6-foot-tall Kitty Inu mascot. People of all ages took the opportunity to grab a photograph (or hug) with this adorable, iconic cat.

Later that night, Kitty Inu hosted a private party for NFT enthusiasts. They unveiled one of the newest ways to experience Kitty: real-time reflection and light mapping using WebAR, or web-based augmented reality from 8thWall. Creating an immersive, interactive experience, fans can engage Kitty Inu in their browser across almost any smartphone, computer, AR, or VR headset – all with no app required. (You can try it out here!)

While hobnobbing with fellow NFT fans, partygoers enjoyed the KittyMartini, a cocktail named in her honor (I wonder how it measures up to the Vesper Martini), and danced the night away with the Kitty Inu mascot. Word around the block says this dancing queen stole the show with her cat-like grace, warmth, and energy. Partygoers also walked away with a bag of swag, including the “bullish scent” candle from Kitty Inu’s homewares collection.

Photo credit @PrroudKittyMama and @KittyKartRacing

As part of the NFT.NYC industry event, Kitty Inu was nominated for the “Best Play to Earn Mechanics” award alongside some of the largest projects in crypto gaming history, including Axie Infinity and Champions: Ascension. While they didn’t take home the win, this was a great honor for Kitty Inu. Put best by one of their fans: “For a project to be less than 8 months old & nominated as a FINALIST for Best #P2E Mechanics at a huge industry, the event is quite remarkable. Regardless of the outcome, you make the #KittyKrew proud.”

Kitty Inu certainly established a strong presence at the NFT.NYC 2022 event and showed the clowder of Kitty fans a spirited time. While a memorable event for all, Kitty Inu has much more to celebrate, like their ever-growing milestones and roadmap successes.  

Roadmap Highlights of Recent Developments

>   3D Interactive Website has now transitioned to the 3D interactive website, complete with the single-player demo of KittyKart available for download on PC!

>   9,999 Avatar Collection

Kitty Inu is developing their 9,999 3D avatar collection, which will be interoperable within the KittyKart game and the other ecosystems of their metaverse, 9VRSE. This avatar launch is slated for August 2022.

These avatars will also be upgradeable (date to be determined) to AI avatar NFTs (iNFTs), which will have their own personalities, the ability to create content, and more.

>   Multiplayer version and MacOS versions

Both are under development and will be released soon!

Connect with Kitty Inu:

Twitter - KittyInuToken

Twitter - 9vrse




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