BAYC Premieres Jimmy the Monkey Short Film


May 9, 2023


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Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) continues to gallop in the NFT market despite the bear market. Last Dec. 21, Yuga Labs announced BAYC's new lore update: meet The Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey.

The Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey is a short film that starts a new chapter of BAYC's story. The film begins with Jimmy, the BAYC monkey, and Curtis, the mascot of the famous NFT collection.

Curtis flees the bathroom Jimmy is in and is met with a flurry of arrows and knives. Soon after, a BAYC gentleman appears and hands him a mysterious box. After this, Curtis joins all the other monkeys, and they continue the party. Everyone completely ignores the box and the key, all except Jimmy.

Jimmy swallows the key, and all the other monkeys chase him to retrieve the key. In the moment's panic, Jimmy locks himself in the bathroom again. Jimmy can't throw up the key and passes out in the toilet.

All seems lost, but Curtis comes up with the idea of digging in the sewers to retrieve the key. Do they succeed? We'll find out in the next part, as the video ends right there.

Greg Solano, co-founder of BAYC, wasn't lying when he told Benzinga that we would see a lot of weird stuff in the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey.

This is the first event in a list of six events that BAYC released some time ago. The next event will be on Dec. 28, called 'Past, Present and Future.' The next ones will come in January and February and will end with a Mystery reveal, to which the date is unknown.

The BAYC first expanded with the Otherside, and it keeps growing. Despite all the market downturns, BAYC holders will have a good time.