ARKM Token Launch on Binance


July 10, 2023


Olumide Adesina

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Binance announced that Arkham (ARKM) will be its 32nd token sale project on the Launchpad platform. The Arkham token sale, which will be held on Binance Launchpad, will limit the total amount at $2.5 million. Each user is capped at $15,000, which equates to 300,000 ARKM tokens. Arkham has a total token supply of 1 billion ARKM, of which 50 million has been allocated to Binance Launchpad. This quota corresponds to 5% of the total supply.  

Binance will allocate new tokens proportionally based on users' share of BNB contributed by all users. From 00:00 on July 11th: At 00 UTC, Binance will begin her 6-day monitoring period to record the user's BNB balance. Each user's final BNB balance is calculated as the average of her 6-day balance.

Then, on July 17th, a 24-hour subscription will be launched for eligible users to deposit their BNB on exchanges. The final token allocation will be determined on July 18th, with the corresponding BNB balance debited from each user account and the corresponding number of Arkham Tokens credited.

Arkham acts as a blockchain analytics platform, providing data about real-world companies and individuals involved in on-chain cryptocurrency market activity.

Coinciding with the token sale news, Arkham also today announced an on-chain intelligence exchange that will allow users to anonymously buy and sell data from blockchain address holders. “Arcam’s Intel Exchange finally gives trackers the opportunity to monetize their skills and meet the growing demand for on-chain intelligence in a scalable way,” the company said on Twitter.

The public sale token price will be set at 1 ARKM ($0.05 equivalent). Binance said the BNB price will be set before the subscription period.

According to Binance, users from Belarus, Cuba, the Crimean Region,  the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, New Zealand, North Korea, South Sudan, Syria,  the United States, and their territories are not eligible to participate in the sale.