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“Apollo is a crypto token that allows you to do well by doing good for the creative community.” – The Apollo Team

 Artists, designers, and creators entertain, inspire, amaze, and educate.  Their art awakens the senses, ignites the imagination, evokes dialogue and debate, and connects with people’s emotions.  Their art tells stories and documents time periods and cultures.  Their art speaks universally to all people, but at the same time, creates a very personal experience.

Each individual artist has a unique and distinct story to tell, a new outlook to share, or a new approach to their style or voice.  No two artists are the same, because art is about imparting a part of yourself into the artwork – your unique experiences, perceptions, attitudes, emotions, and viewpoints.

Whether through cinema, comedy, dance, fashion or food design, literature, music, painting, photography, sculpture, or NFT artwork, TikTok, and YouTubers, our society thrives off the enjoyment and engagement with art.  A whole new world opens up to those who create and those who enjoy the countless forms of art.  

Without art, design, and creation, the world around us would be dry, dull, and ordinary – lacking all those things beautiful (even grotesque, yet intriguing) that brighten the world around us.

Yet, so many artists, creators, and designers – worthy of our attention and praise – do not get the opportunity to be spotlighted.  A lack of resources, namely funding required to create and promote their art, turns a would-be career or livelihood into a hobby, or worse, a latent talent

Entering center stage

The Apollo team set out to change this storyline by creating a token designed to help fund and empower creative people who have limited opportunities to break through and be discovered.  

Investors interested in supporting this masterful vision can participate by buying, selling, and trading the $APOLLO coin.  

The $APOLLO token is a well-structured, decentralized token that provides 3% reflections to reward holders, 2% burn to stabilize token value, and a 1% contribution to the “Creator Prize Fund” to support up-and-coming creators – where all program rules are controlled by the Apollo community through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

The creator prize program consists of weekly contests.  Creators provide information about their work and aspirations and nominate themselves for consideration.  These creators then generate interest in their work through the Apollo website and Apollo’s social media platforms (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, and Instagram communities).  The more interest they generate, the more votes they earn. 

All Apollo holders can vote for their favorite creator.  The number of votes and the then-current size of the fund will dictate the amount of each weekly prize, ensuring each prize is matched to the popularity of the audience with plenty left over for future winners.  Every week a well-deserved creator with the most votes wins a sizable purse to help turn their passions into a vibrant career. 

The prize-winning creators spread the word about Apollo further driving awareness and interest in Apollo from other creators, influencers, supporters, and investors helping grow the community and attracting new creators to nominate themselves for the next contest.

The participants of the Apollo program – from the creators to the investors – ensure everyone wins

The Apollo backstory

Apollo’s smart contract launched to Ethereum’s main chain on January 12, 2022

The creator of Apollo, Matt Johnson, has been a leader in interactive software development for over 30 years, having served as Executive Vice President at Bottle Rocket Studios and started Eastedge Studios which explores the next wave of experiential computing in fitness, augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and gaming spaces.

Matt is adept at following a trend closely, spotting the moment a trend begins to go mainstream and using his experience in technology and writing code to build a one-of-a-kind, high-quality product.

Matt has researched countless smart contracts, quickly identifying the pitfalls and scams while learning about the importance of “fair launches,” decentralization, and DAOs.

With the help of a long-time colleague Zack McClary, whose experience includes data and security, software engineering, experiential computing, and production of product and development, this small yet formidable team debuted Apollo. 

Apollo’s characteristics

The key characteristics of the $APOLLO token that make it attractive to investors, creators, supporters, and influencers include

  • Token mint and burn: after two trillion tokens were initially minted, one trillion tokens were immediately burned creating strong stability and a deflationary impact on Apollo. No additional tokens can be minted, and an ongoing burn continues this beneficial impact in perpetuity. 
  • No pre-sales, early access, or developer holdbacks: 100% of circulating supply is added to liquidity. No one, including the dev team, received any free or paid tokens before the launch.
  • 100% perfect score on audit: The Soken-certified audit checked for any migrators, drains, and backdoors in the source code of Apollo’s Smart Contract. The process also included liquidity analysis, website testing, background checks of the token founder, swap analysis, holder analysis, and several other checks.
  • Liquidity lock: 100% locked for 6 months then it slowly unlocks over 6 months for a total of 1 year. Any wallet that holds liquidity is not allowed to receive reflections, which means all reflections are sent to token holders, not the liquidity provider.
  • Maximum reflections: Both the Uniswap liquidity pool and burn wallet are excluded from tokenomics resulting in more generous reflections to holders.
  • Generous tokenomics: Apollo rewards long-time holders and rewards creators weekly via community voting. Apollo's tokenomics provide 3% reflections to reward holders, 2% burn to stabilize token value, and 1% contribution to the "Creator Prize Fund" controlled by the DAO.

Controlled by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) – Apollo’s primary utility is controlled by a DAO which is run by the community of token holders. The DAO sets forth the rules on how DAO changes can be made, how creators are nominated and voted upon, and how prizes are awarded. The DAO rules are only emendable by the community of Apollo holders. All holders are part of the DAO and have full voting rights.

Original Apollo Token Smart Contract is fixed – No one can change any part of the original token smart contract. The only field that can be updated is the address to the then-current DAO

The resolution of the story

Matt believes, "As technology continues to evolve, so do the ways we use it to express ourselves."

He has a deep respect for creators and fully empathizes with the fact that, “breaking into anything takes time and resources [money], and there are a lot of would-be professional creators that won’t be able to make it without some support to get their big break.

Since distribution of the Creator Prize Fund began, there have been 12 contest winners, including a fitness content creator, painters, musicians, and other artists meriting recognition and a sizable financial incentive to pursue their passions

Got Talent or Want to Support Someone Who Does?

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