Kitty Inu Paws Its Way Into The Metaverse

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“At The Intersection Of Art And Engineering, There Lies A Realm Of Infinite Possibility.”

Kitty Inu Development Team

In recent months, Kitty Inu has taken a major leap into the metaverse, keenly dialed into the latest technologies. This Web3 ecosystem has done so with creativity, playfulness, and of course, community involvement. They are pursuing this with their eyes wide open, recognizing that no project becomes attractive to the masses without feedback and enthusiasm from an involved community. And that, they indeed have.

On February 24th, 2022, Kitty Inu brought together film students and creative technology specialists at an immersive technology studio in NYC to begin in-person beta testing sessions of their first multiplayer play-and-earn game, KittyKart. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and has provided additional guidance for informing and improving their build. The beta documentary can be viewed here

The Kit and Caboodle

The Kitty Project brings together a thematic, character-centric ‘9VRSE’ metaverse with their native ERC20 digital currency, Kitty Inu Token ($kitty), which powers the digital economies within the various interoperable virtual landscapes of the 9VRSE.

The 9VRSE delivers charmingly rendered blockchain play-and-earn multiplayer games, blockchain-based AI, 3D Avatar personas, virtual social worlds, and episodic content – where players can play, experience, interact, explore, and monetize their content using the Kitty Inu token.

Play-and-Earn Gaming

In today’s gaming culture, engagement requires more than just entertainment. Kitty Inu acknowledges that recreation and the potential to earn are equally valuable to the gameplay experience. They don’t lose sight of the importance of playability and fun while aligning the game development process with the interests of the user’s in-game experience.

Becky Lane Ph.D., Creative for Creative Technology, provides her endorsement:

“With KittyKart, you have the nostalgia of the “kawaii”-inspired design, paired with the retro kart racing game, and it’s all brought into web3 with the Metaverse, Blockchain, and Play-2-Earn. I think it’s just brilliant. But at the end of the day, the game has to be fun to play. KittyKart, at its core, with its amazing graphics, compelling characters, thoughtful and engaging game mechanics, I think they have really nailed it.”

Other Beta Testers concur on the playability and mechanics, and the nostalgia and design appeal:

“The multiplayer aspect is super fun. It feels super smooth. I especially thought the level of design was really impressive.”

“When I experienced some of the gameplay, I instantly felt the nostalgia and warmth of those original 3D racing games.”

 “I’m excited to be able to bring some of my best childhood memories of playing racing video games to this new world of Metaverse Virtual Beings, where I get to have my character be an NFT.”

“The Battle Royale aspect of it reminds me of the old Wipeout games on the PSP. It has a very similar vibe in the handling and steering. It’s not too stiff; it’s not too sensitive either – this could really make or break a racing game.”

“There is every indication that KittyKart could be the next big thing. KittyKart could be a whole new generation of Mario Kart maybe.”

Avatar NFT Series

A 10,000 generative 3D NFT avatar collection embodies the “kawaii” and fantasy stylistic elements and can be carried across all virtual worlds within 9VRSE. This requires flexibility and interoperability, both of which Kitty Innu is heavily focused on. Future upgrades to the avatar series will be released, including the addition of artificial intelligence.

Virtual Environments and Social Worlds

Virtual environments and social worlds will offer a variety of virtual settings or platforms, where users have social interactions in the virtual world with other users, in real-time. On all platforms, users will be able to create, interact with one another, and participate in the digital economy.

An Expanded Vision


Let your user’s identity come alive! Artificially intelligent NFTs, or iNFTs, bring static images to life with interactive, intelligent, sense-making elements. The AI upgrades to the avatar series will enhance the characters with personas that showcase unique personality traits and preferences.  And as their intelligence evolves, the utility of these characters will likely grow over time, leading to a continuous evolution and immersive experience for the users. 

Scripted Animated Content, Music, and Event (Episodic Content)

User experience is enhanced through the creative development of intellectual property assets and storytelling. The 9VRSE can be further brought to life in animated and scripted content spanning multiple interactive and noninteractive genres such as short social episodic content, serialized fiction, animated series, and feature films for streaming/broadcast. In addition, V-Tuber personalities are integrated across social channels such as TikTok and YouTube. Interactive scripted content, music concerts, and events will take place throughout various virtual worlds associated with the project, with exclusive access and opportunities for participation by NFT holders.

Kitty Inu Is Leaping Into The Metaverse, Dazzling Its Users With Captivating Artwork, Animation, Utility, and Community Interoperability. 

Latest Developments

Kitty Inu recently launched the 3D interactive website,, complete with a downloadable KittyKart demo, marking their progress and commitment to a next-level interaction with the public as they head into the metaverse.

KittyKart Added Features

KittyKart combines the nostalgia of old go-kart racing games with two emerging genres: the first-person shooter and play-to-earn. Not only will players have to race to win, but they will have to fight to survive.

Community Interoperability

Community interoperability is at the core of this project. KittyKart plans to bring NFT/web3 communities together by allowing users to bring in their own avatars from their favorite NFT collections as playable characters in KittyKart.


Kitty Inu is working to optimize KittyKart for PC, Mac, and mobile platforms.

KittyKart Track #2

The second KittyKart track is getting an upgrade. Building a fully immersive environment requires keen attention to detail and the creative is hard at work to liven up the embellishments. The latest rendition of “psychedelic daze” has been unveiled and can be previewed here.

The Metaverse is Your Oyster

NFTs aren't just collectibles anymore. Many projects have begun programming NFTs to offer additional features and benefits that increase their utility. Kitty Inu is racing to enhance their NFTs through the use of "rigged avatars.”

A “rigged avatar” is a 3D character model with a manipulable skeletal structure, allowing game designers and animators to easily move limbs into various positions and apply motions.

These rigged metaverse characters will be interoperable among various games and projects connected to the 9VRSE, and even among other compatible metaverses. Compatible projects will be able to easily port characters and apply animations to these 3D models.  

Kitty Inu Development Team envisions the possibilities of the future of AI technology within the Kitty Inu project:

“Things get even more interesting when we think about intelligent NFTs (Ownership of an AI character via NFT).

These characters will be able to speak with their own voice, develop their own personality, and could even be able to move their own limbs. AIs can move within, and between metaverses on their own, or just with their owner’s guidance.

The AIs’ personalities could essentially translate into nonverbal mannerisms. Since iNFTs will be able to learn on their own and be trained by their owners, we may see AI characters develop their own unique animations for walking, driving, dancing, and gestures. 

Speaking with, playing with, training, and generally interacting with that virtual pet is priceless. 

If anyone wanted to use their 3D NFT character in a TV show, for example, the rigged avatar will make it very simple. Plug and play. This not only allows for quicker and greater expansion of the brand but also adds utility to the NFT.

This kind of market has never been seen before, so any prediction would be guesswork. But this lies within the realm of infinite possibilities. 



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