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“We Create Wealth by Harvesting Opportunities of a Secure, Decentralized Digital Currency in an Environmentally Conscious Way.”
– Founders of GroveToken


GroveToken is a decentralized and secure green token launched in March 2022. Grove aims to combat the common cryptocurrency issues of increasing energy consumption and electronic waste production through a mission of creating a healthier, wealthier future for all.
Underpinned by foundational values of transparency, security, and environmental sustainability, this new player is revolutionizing the crypto game by offering holders an opportunity to generate wealth, while compensating the environment for years of abuse through green initiatives. 
In March 2022 GroveToken had a historical launch, reaching a $43 million market cap within the first 30 minutes, and over 10,000 holders in less than four months. With phase one of the Grove Roadmap already underway, the team at Grove turn their attention toward the Grove Green Plan.

An Environmentally Conscious Platform

The creation and structure of the Grove Green Plan required careful attention, balancing the need to drive business growth and return opportunities for investors while keeping true to Grove’s eco-friendly aspirations. As such each and every aspect had to be considered and weighed.

At the foundational level, the Grove Green Plan was built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), one of the fastest-growing blockchain eco-systems in the world. Similarly, GroveKeeper, the GroveToken Green Digital Wallet, provides an eco-friendly and secure platform for digital currencies with no mining or third-party verification required. Grove holders will be able to buy and sell GroveToken with minimal transaction costs with higher returns and instant transaction times, reducing total energy consumption requirements.

Investors using GroveKeeper© receive dividends based on the number of tokens held, and in the spirit of growth and preservation, Grove will also be reinvesting the majority of its recorded annual profits into GroveToken, safeguarding future wealth for all shareholders. With a built-in swap feature GroveKeeper©, allows for swaps between Grove and listed tokens as well as trusted stablecoins such as BUSD and USDT.

Empowering Sustainability Through Partnership

With non-renewable resource expenditure, mass electricity usage, and carbon emissions ballooning, crypto is often regarded as environmentally costly.  For the sustainability-focused investor however, GroveToken provides an ethical alternative that balances health with wealth.

The team at Grove understands that to create a lasting impact on the planet you have to be ready and willing to co-operate and share opportunities in order to achieve greater goals. At Grove that has resulted in the development of the GreenOasis© and assisting Grove Green Platform© utility and coin.

On GreenOasis©, their Green Crypto Exchange, users will have the ability to stake their holdings, entitling them to reflections generated by GroveToken trades based on volume. The GreenOasis© will also allow holders to trade cryptocurrencies and best take advantage of fluctuating market prices through low-cost green transactions. These processes will be supported by the implementation of leading digital technologies including instant P2P, secure lock, UL Certification, and the ability to tokenize holdings. 

Lastly, Grove Green Platform© (GGP) provides a utility similar to that of CoinMarketCap, naturally with the expected green twist. Grove has identified that, currently, there is no central resource for Green Crypto Projects to shine.

GroveGreen Platform© Coin (GGP Coin) will become the Grove (GVR) support utility for assisting new projects in the startup phase. The primary purpose for GGP is to ‘hyper-burn’ GVR, reducing supply and providing setup assistance to new green projects through an offering of turnkey solutions. 

Partnership Announcement

On July 4, 2022, Grove received official notice that The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Butti Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates has entered into an official partnership with Grove Token Dubai LLC (Grove) to collaborate in developing affordable and sustainable farming through aeroponic and hydroponic practices. This partnership will facilitate the evolution of the Grove Token within Dubai, creating additional opportunities to further their collective cause. All future details regarding their new initiatives will be shared by The Private Office of H.H Sheikh Butti Al Maktoum.


Grove Tokenomics


Passive Income

Three percent of every transaction will be redistributed to the holders, resulting in the increase of tokens to the holders' wallets as passive income.

Anti-Whale System                                                                                                             Grove's anti-whale system is designed to prevent chart manipulation and protect investors. Their parameters are set such that no one can hold more than 500T grove, holders can't sell more than 50T of the total token at once, and holders can only sell once every 6 hours.

Buy-Back Wallet                                                                                                                     
One percent of every transaction will be sent to a buy-back wallet, which will be activated manually to stabilize the price when needed.

Auto Liquidity                                                                                                                      
One percent of every transaction will be
added to liquidity automatically to facilitate trade on Pancake Swap.
Auto Burn                                                                                                                      
Two percent of every transaction is burned (taken out of circulation), which will reduce supply.


Three percent of every transaction will be reinvested back into token optimization and marketing, with a portion of this invested into the natural world to support environmental initiatives.


Additional Features

Staking Pool

Staking will be available to all holders through the GroveKeeper© wallet, multiplying holders' earnings beyond reflections.

Grove is planning partnerships with major game developers to allow players to earn Grove tokens as a reward during gameplay.

Significant Achievements to Date

GroveToken has made these significant achievements in the first four months of trade:

Official registration of GroveToken LLC in Dubai

Launch of Staking and Farming Pools

Exchange listings on BitMart, SafeMoon, HotBit, XT Exchange and LBank

Resource listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Launch of GroveToken on Binance Smart Chain on March 1, 2022

Launch of GroveToken on Ethereum Network on June 15, 2022

Official partnership between the Private Office of H.H Sheikh Butti Al Maktoum and GroveBusiness confirmed on July 4, 2022


Daily Volume & Price Performance

Since its launch on May 11, 2022, daily volume has increased from under $200k ramping up to over $6M in a very short period of time, according to data sourced from CoinMarketCap. And, in line with the daily volume, the price increased by 96% in under 90 days (despite certain market conditions during this time period, including the TerraUSD crash and BTC yearly low).


Key Listings

Grove Token is listed on a number of exchanges including Pancake Swap, UniSwap,, HotBit, SafeMoon, Lbank, and BitMart, and additional resources are listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Grove has submitted applications to other significant Exchanges to make it as easy as possible for investors to research and purchase Grove Token.


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