5 Weird Things You’ll Be Able to Do in the Metaverse

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Everywhere you look these days, someone is talking about the metaverse. Finally, after a long tease, Meta has announced that players in the Horizon Worlds game will be able to sell virtual items in the metaverse. The bad news is, that Meta wants nearly 50 percent of the revenue from such sales.

The announcement has raised the ire of some gamers. Of course, the devil is in the details.

Horizon Worlds will take 17.5 percent of the revenue from in-game sales. Meta is adding a 30 percent platform fee on top of that. A Meta spokesman called the rate “competitive.”

If you’re wondering just what the metaverse is exactly, Kiplinger has a pretty good explanation. Here’s a hint: It involves a virtual overlay on top of the real world so that metaverse citizens will be able to experience things they’ve never experienced before in real-time. With that, here are five things the future metaverse will allow you to do, but they’re a bit on the weird side.

Ready for Weird? 5 Things the Metaverse Will Empower You to Do

Hopefully, you’re down for some weird. If you are, check out these five weird things you’ll be able to do in the metaverse of tomorrow.

  1. Have a Coke and a smile – The origins of the Coca-Cola Company date back to 1885 when Confederate Colonel John Pemberton invented a nerve tonic. One year later, the temperance movement sparked him to create a non-alcoholic version of his new drink, which he created for medicinal purposes. Through a long and storied history, Coke has become a favorite drink for millions of people around the world. Now, the company is launching a new product called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte in the metaverse before it allows anyone to drink it in the real world. Well, if you can’t have a smile, at least your avatar can.

  1. Plastic surgery – From virtual tacos to avatar insurance, the metaverse will facilitate almost any transaction. Including plastic surgery. But there are two ways this could play out. If your avatar turns out not to be busty enough, you could put it under the knife. On the other hand, if you’re considering plastic surgery for your own face, you could consult with a plastic surgeon in the metaverse and see what you’ll look like after the surgery. Just be careful you don’t fall prey to body dysmorphic disorder.

  1. Live a completely different life than your own – Bored with your real life? In the metaverse, you’ll be able to craft a completely different life than your own. Crazy life activities range from bungee jumping to owning a harem. If you can imagine, you could live an entire life of fiction in the metaverse.

  1. Traffic other humans – Whatever the human mind can conceive can be accomplished in the metaverse. I don’t recommend anything illegal, but it will happen anyway. And experts are already preparing for the day when the metaverse will be used for unscrupulous activities such as human trafficking. We may someday empower a metaverse police force just to apprehend criminals in the virtual worlds. You may find yourself applying for that job too.

  1. Imagine your spouse is someone else – Sex industry insiders have quite an imagination when it comes to creating new things for people to enjoy, but what if your thing is imagining your spouse looks like someone else while you’re intimate? Augmented reality can do more than just give you funny little cartoon characters to chase around. It can also make your wife look like Jessica Rabbit. Or make your husband look like Dick Tracy. In that case, make sure you practice safe sex in the metaverse.


When you’re done playing around in the metaverse, be sure to dedicate some time to going outside. There will be metaverse activities for that too.


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