10 Crypto Memes To Make You Laugh

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If laughter is the best medicine, the crypto community is well cared for. Here’s a look at memes that keep us going during the market’s highs and lows.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge (@lesliequander)

You know the saying, “The only way to get through life is to laugh… You either have to laugh or cry”? That Marjorie Pay Hinckley was clearly onto something. Because in our fast-moving crypto market, you may be tempted to do both. But if you’re adept at managing your emotions—and ideally you are—laughter is a great option. 

Let’s be clear: In a market that’s made people wealthy, and with great things still potentially ahead, there are downsides. And people who aren’t so positive. But if you accept the highs, ideally you also accept the lows.

And while people investing in stocks may flip out and shed those (hopefully) metaphorical tears when that market drops by a point or two, us gladiators in the crypto space respond to corrections and crashes with jokes. And laughter. And….all the memes.

Because what’s a 30 percent drop without the obligatory joke about buying the dip, of the dip, of the dip? Or what’s a 50 percent crash—and the reality of trading sideways for weeks, as we’ve done in early 2022—without laughing about how your early retirement dreams have been replaced by potential shifts at Mcdonald's? (Which is honorable work, too, to be clear.) In fact, this last fast food joke is oh so popular that McDonald's itself even trolled crypto Twitter accounts this year—and the president of El Salvador served us a new, hilarious “profile pic.” 

You see, laughter really can be good medicine. 

If we go back years, research studies have found that laughter produces positive psychological benefits such as improving depression, anxiety, and stress, researchers wrote in a 2016 article in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. And it may even produce “a positive physiologic response,” with some research indicating “the physical act of laughing, even without humor, is linked to chemical changes in the body that potentially reduce stress and increase pain tolerance,” those researchers continued. 

Over the long-term, laughter may even improve your immune system, improve your mood, and make it easier to cope with difficult situations, Mayo Clinic confirms. And we know crypto can seem difficult at times. 

So check out 10 recently shared crypto memes below, courtesy of Crypto Twitter. And share your favorites with me on Twitter @lesliequander—and with Gokhshtein Media’s account, too. Because while the market can fluctuate—and our portfolio balances can, too—our meme game is all the way up.  

When the dip just keeps dipping


When you may have been a little too aggressive 


When you’re not even sure if you made any gains 


When you swore success was just around the corner 

When your relatives ask questions during a correction


When you thought you almost made it to early retirement


When you have no idea where the bottom is 



When you’re out of fiat to buy more


When McDonalds is looking better and better 


When you know you’re built for this market—no matter what 


And if you’ve made it here, may I say, Cheers to you, crypto community. 

Leslie Quander Wooldridge is a writer, editor, consultant, and speaker whose articles have reached tens of millions of readers. Her work at Gokhshtein Media includes writing as well as developing and hosting the podcast “Market Mindset With Leslie Quander.” Visit her at www.lesliequander.com or follow her on social media, including Twitter, @lesliequander. 

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