Wine Wars: Red or White For Thanksgiving?

Sure, wine isn’t typically the centerpiece of the meal. That honor goes to the perfectly roasted turkey. But there’s no doubt that wine can definitely enhance a Thanksgiving meal when chosen well. But which is better--white or red? 

Spoiler alert: there really isn’t a definitive answer. There are, however, certain varieties of each wine that pair well with the various foods traditionally served at Thanksgiving dinner. Fortunately, The Spruce Eats offered up some fantastic tips for how to choose wine for Thanksgiving

White Wines for Thanksgiving

In terms of white wine options, consider trying a Riesling. This variety is fantastic because it offers up both dry and sweeter versions. If your guests enjoy sweet wines but you prefer dry, purchase one of each style to satisfy everyone at the table. As a bonus, Rieslings tend to pair well with several Thanksgiving foods like mashed potatoes, dressing, and turkey. 

Sauvignon Blanc is another white wine favorite for Thanksgiving foods. It’s another pick that will complement turkey and potatoes beautifully. And you could always go with a classic Pinot Grigio which tends to work well for the higher fat content in all those delicious holiday foods. 

Red Wines for Thanksgiving

For those red wine lovers among us, rest assured you’ll find plenty of fantastic options for Thanksgiving. 

Perhaps one of the best reds for Thanksgiving is going to be a Pinot Noir. Lots of people love it all year round. During this time of the year, try it out with turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving dinner. 

If you’re looking for something with a fuller feel, reach for a good Zinfandel instead. ZInfandel is going to be wonderful for colder weather in general because it has a wonderfully heavy feel to it that is just right for autumn. This option might be a good one to save for after the guests leave and it’s time to cozy up for a post-meal snooze. 

Another red wine favorite? Syrah, which comes from the shiraz grape. It can really spice things up at your holiday meal and goes especially well with dressing and turkey. 

What About Dessert?

Technically you can drink any of these wines with any type of food you want. However, the taste of the food can change depending on the type of wine you sip with it. 

For the dessert course, you may want to consider purchasing another type of wine. For instance, a Port wine is a sweeter sip that will go great with those Thanksgiving favorite pies like pecan or pumpkin pie. Similarly, a sweet Riesling may be a good choice for dessert if you prefer a good white wine over a red. 

Where to Buy the Wines

It’s always a good idea to support your local liquor store if you have one nearby. For one thing, it’s a great way to keep money in your local economy. For another thing, the staff members there can typically help you choose which wine to serve for Thanksgiving. 

If you’re not able to visit a local store, you can also purchase your wine right online. And if you’re looking to splurge on some fine wines for a crowd this holiday season to really celebrate, consider BTC Wine.

Not only will you find quality wines from Bordeaux or Burgundy, but you can even purchase them using bitcoin. The company is located in Bordeaux, France, and offers a buy-by-the-case model on amazing fine wines like luxury Champagne. 

They’re actually the first “Bordeaux Negociant” (or merchant) to offer a payment option online with bitcoin or ether. And they’ve been taking crypto as payment since 2018, so they definitely have some experience with it. 

Wine Spectator quoted BTC Wine’s CEO earlier in 2021 about the combination of crypto and fine wine. He said, "I thought it was a good idea to use crypto as payment because it is fast, secure and convenient...People want to spend the virtual currency and change it to a tangible asset, and buying fine wines can be a solution." 

Pretty innovative for a fine wine company, and great news for crypto enthusiasts who also appreciate a fantastic bottle of wine. 

Enjoying Thanksgiving

No matter what kind of wines you choose for your Thanksgiving table, the important thing is to make sure you buy a variety that you and your guests will enjoy. Splurging on fine wines can be delightful, especially if you weren’t able to gather with loved ones last year. And now you can use your crypto to find some luxury wines to help you and your guests celebrate the holidays.

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