The Rise of the “Workcation” Lifestyle

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Ever since early 2020, many of us have been working remotely. We’ve seen lots of shifts in our culture lately, and the rise of remote working is a big one. Some people have loved working outside of an office while others really don’t care for it as much. But the rise of working from our home offices (or tiny closets and corners) brings up some interesting situations. 

For instance, the “workcation” is something that’s becoming a little more popular as of late. If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s rather self-explanatory: it means taking a vacation while working remotely. With the increase in capabilities to work remotely these days, why not travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a laptop, it’s an awfully tempting thought. 

Let’s explore more about workcations, including the good, the potentially bad, and how to pay for them. 

More People Considering Workcations

Axios noted that recent Harris Poll data indicate that many people are, in fact, enjoying the benefits of working at home. Approximately 67 percent say they’ve gotten healthier, and more than half of people surveyed don’t really feel that they miss being in the office. 

What’s more is that nearly three-quarters of survey respondents are open to the idea of working while on a vacation somewhere, or taking that workcation. This fits with the data when you look at the numbers showing that many people have adjusted well to working from home and are making some healthier changes to their lives. 

The Upside of Workcations

So are workcations good for us? 

We’ve all likely heard that Americans, in general, don’t use up their vacation days. And taking a breather is good for us, for the most part. So on one hand, traveling somewhere for a workcation might offer up some of the benefits we see when we take a traditional vacation. 

Plus, it’s just plain fun and exciting to explore a new destination. And trying new things can help get us out of a rut. Visiting a new place also might mean meeting new people, and socializing can be really beneficial for health. 

Potential Downsides to Workcations

Now, a word of caution about taking a workcation. First and foremost, a workcation necessitates that you take your work with you. Your trip then will not consist entirely of lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand. 

You may want to talk with your supervisor about your idea to take a workcation so you can achieve a bit of work-life balance while traveling. For example, you might ask your supervisor if you can only work or have available hours in the morning, leaving your afternoons free to explore and do what you’d like. 

It’s also important to be mindful of the fact that it’s just as easy to overwork on a workcation as it is at home. Boundaries are a bit lacking with remote work, so while you don’t want to slack off, you also want to be cautious that you’re not available 24/7 while you’re on a workcation. 

How to Pay for a Workcation

If you’re self-employed, a workcation may be a bit easier for you to do since you make all the decisions. But how does one pay for a workcation?

It may help you to have a conversation with your accountant or financial advisor. Explore whether there are legitimate things you can do while on workcation to write off your trip when it comes time to file taxes. Perhaps you could meet with a client who lives in another state. Or maybe you could attend some networking events while you travel. (This is not meant to be tax advice, so please do ask a trusted professional!)

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A Viable Option

If you’re disciplined enough to actually work with that stunning ocean view stretched out before you, then a workcation may be perfect for you. You’ll want to consider your work style and get your boss on board or consider some write-off options if you’re self-employed.

Bon, voyage!

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