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Half a billion dollars is heading toward DeFi, NFTs, and scores of other projects. So it’s time to party folks. And a16Z is hosting, as it is once again launching a $400MM fund to expand into new technology. The theme this week seems to be DeFi, where at each tier decentralized finance projects are getting funding. 

Low Tier ($16.1MM)

Newly formed DeFi Education Fund announced the first round of grants, totaling $195,000

Cabital Crypto savings platform secures $4MM in latest seed round

Avalanche-based DeFi protocol Trader Joe raised $5MM from Three Arrows Capital and others

Evrynet raised $7MM in successful funding round

Mid Tier ($158MM)

Community investing DeFi project Syndicate scored $20MM raise led by a16z

Polkadot-based DeFi protocol Parallel Finance raised $22MM in Series A funding

US defense contractor Simba Chain raises $25 million to boost NFT efforts

MUFG boosts its crypto exposure following $41MM Zipmex funding round

Alpaca, stock brokerage platform, secured $50MM

High Tier ($720MM)

Leading DeFi projects launch $100MM global adoption initiative

'Vincent Van Dough' launched NFT fund with Three Arrows Capital founders, plans to raise $100MM

Offchain Labs, building Arbitrum for Secure Ethereum dApps, raised $120MM

a16z launched $400MM Seed Fund to expand into new technology

In addition, Fantom Foundation unveils 370M FTM incentive program.

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